Sunday, March 13, 2022

Normal Isn't Coming Back

 Previously: They're Trying To Get You To Support Another Phony War

In my last post I discussed the fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy that our day would see a massive ramping up of lies and deceptions.  So given the overwhelming flood of lies and deceptions coming at us from all directions, today I think I'll make a prediction. Based on my previous track record, I think there's a pretty good chance this prophecy will come true.  My prediction is twofold: first, in the very near future, many Americans will starve to death. Second,  America's ruling class is about to trigger World War III, which will pretty well finish off everybody else. (Including those responsible, if our scriptures are any indication.)

Now, I hope I'm wrong. But based on the startling number of Americans who are uncritically accepting the lies their government is telling them, I don't hold out a lot of hope. And by the way, as much as I hope to see the mid-term elections result in sweeping a large number of the current ruling class out of office, you can be certain of one thing: politics will not save us. The only thing I believe will change the trajectory we're on will be a national repentance, and I don't see that coming. So pardon my pessimism, but I hope Connie and I die peacefully in our sleep before the sausage really hits the fan. You should be so lucky, as well.

So, to address that uncomfortable topic of starvation: The financial collapse you have been warned about  for years has finally begun. And in my view it's only just begun; we aren't yet seeing a hint of the extent of the destruction that will soon hit us.  At this point, it's unavoidable, we will not be able to escape it. And it's going to get massively worse because the inflationary spiral cannot be arrested or reversed. Despite our current president's denials ("I'm sick of hearing about it") inflation is indeed caused by government overspending. A nation can't borrow multi-trillions of dollars all at once without expecting catastrophic consequences. We are ruled by idiots who have no clue about how cause and effect works. 

The rising price of fuel is the perfect barometer for measuring the effects of inflation, because everything you have, from the food you buy to the packaging that food is wrapped in, incurs repeated
costs in fuel before it ever gets to your grocery cart. So ask yourself this: how high does the price of gasoline have to get before you can't even afford to drive to work? Ten dollars a gallon? Twenty? You can see how the world could easily come to a full stop. 

But not to worry.  Stephen Colbert has said he's willing to pay fifteen dollars a gallon if necessary because he thinks if everyone did the same, it would somehow "hold Putin accountable."

Setting aside the fact that, unlike you, Stephen Colbert can afford to pay more for gas because he makes sixteen million dollars a year, Colbert, as well as everybody else who thinks Putin is suffering because America is not purchasing fuel from Russia, seems to be ignoring this simple reality: that doesn't bother Vladimir Putin one bit.  Until Biden took office, we weren't buying our oil from Russia anyway. America was producing more than it needed, so much more that we were selling our surplus to other countries.    

So don't be fooled because Biden refers to the skyrocketing fuel prices as "Putin's price hike."  Putin has nothing whatsoever to do with the price of gas in America. Those prices were climbing long before Putin invaded Ukraine, and they were rising because of the inflation caused by the trillions upon trillions of dollars borrowed by Biden and his congressional cronies.  Inflation has only added to the shortages we were already seeing after Biden stupidly made it his number one priority on his first day in office to shut down oil production in America. 

Putin doesn't run our government, these are Biden's price hikes.   No one in America is "sticking it to Putin" because they're paying more for gas. 

Why Do We All Of A Sudden Hate Russians? 
How many actual Russians have you even encountered in your life?  What, none? And yet, if you're the typical American right now, it makes your blood boil just to think about how awful those people are.  Did you ever wonder how the German government got the German people whipped up into such an irrational hatred of Jews that they would want the entire lot of them exterminated?  Well, now you know.  It's pretty easy to do, actually. The way you get people to clamor for war is to get them to react emotionally. All the Deep State needs is a few more people like the ignoramus officeholder in the video below, and Boom! In no time you've got yourself new world war:

If America declares a no-fly zone over Ukraine like this congressperson is asking for, what that means is an American jet pilot will be shooting down a Russian jet pilot. That, dear sister, is an act of war, and then it's only a matter of time before nuclear weapons get discharged. And if things ever heat up to that point (and it certainly looks like we're headed that way), if high prices are the biggest worry in your life right now, well, get used to 'em because they're going to get astronomically higher.  Even if you can afford some things, there will be massive shortages well in excess of what you're seeing so far.  You're going to look back on those weeks when the stores were completely out of toilet paper and think of those as the good old days. 

It's certainly a testament to how well we are being propagandized when one notices how quickly so many Americans have become conditioned to hate foreigners.  If, like me, you're more interested in understanding the causes of the conflict in Ukraine rather than simply falling for the deception being foisted on you by those who love conflict, you'll find yourself labeled a "Putin Apologist" by a rabid mob that immediately wants you silenced.  But my position is this: simply saying it's probably not a good idea to be poking a cornered bear with a stick doesn't automatically make you "pro cornered bear." All it means is it's probably not a good idea to be poking a cornered bear with a stick. 

But Wasn't It The Russians Who Started This Fight?     
No, Putin was reacting to a fight started years ago by US and NATO interests who saw a country they felt they could easily take control of. Here is the narrative those Western interests are trying to get you to accept:

Vladimir Putin is a madman who attacked Ukraine for no reason at all. The people of Ukraine, who idolize their brave president Zelensky, are valiantly fighting against all odds to repel the invaders who want to kill them all and destroy their cities.
That's the myth they want you to believe. If you want the truth, you need only look beyond the propaganda being thrown at you. Putin has no designs on Ukraine. He doesn't want to conquer Ukraine. He doesn't want to govern it. He doesn't want to destroy its cities.  Russia doesn't even want war with Ukraine; in fact Putin's negotiators have stated publicly that Russia will stop in a moment if its demands are met.  

So what are those demands? Well, you can read all three of them yourself, but the pertinent one is that Ukraine must remain a neutral country. Simple as that. It should be governed by a democratically elected president who is not beholden to the United States or any other globalist entity.

The reason you're not being told that is this: factions within the United States have invested too many billions in creating a puppet state in that region that they can control; one with a malleable leader installed and approved by them who they can count on to govern as they see fit.  Since the 1950s The CIA has overthrown many governments around the world and they're not about to let this one slip through their fingers.  So they will gladly go to war if they have to.  Maybe even if they don't have to.  If we're lucky, we may be looking at a stalemate. Putin won't back down, you can count on that, because it means death and destruction to the people of his nation if he allows Ukraine to be folded into NATO.  What most airheads sporting the "I Stand With Ukraine" pin don't realize is that becoming aligned with the US and NATO is a sure way for a nation to lose its autonomy.  Just ask the people of Ukraine. They have a long history of being under the control of other nations. Finally they have a chance to break free, and the one guy helping them do that is painted as the bad guy.

The people of Ukraine are afraid of their president -you know, Zelensky, the guy the US secretly installed by way of a violent coup. Have you seen those pictures of long lines of cars trying to leave Ukraine? They're not fleeing the Russians; the Russian troops aren't going after civilians. They are fleeing their own government since Zelensky's soldiers are gunning them down in their cars as they try to flee.  Every man between the age of 18-60 is being conscripted by Zelensky to fight the Russians.  They don't want to fight the Russians, so their own government is killing them en masse.

You may have seen this video, as it has gone viral. It was a live stream from a married couple who came across a massacre at a Zelensky checkpoint in Mariupol.  The livestream cuts out as they themselves are shot down:

If you're wondering why Vladimir Putin would want nothing more than for Ukraine to be free and independent, here is his answer:
"Why do we resist so vehemently to NATO's expansion? We are concerned with the decision-making process.  I know how decisions are made.  As soon as the country becomes a member of NATO, it can't resist the pressure of the USA.  And very soon anything at all can appear in such a country -missile defense systems, new bases or, if necessary, new missile strike systems."  
When such a threat appears right on Russia's doorstep, what then would be the logical step for Russia to take? 
"We need to take countermeasures, meaning, to aim our rocket systems at the new locations which we consider to be threatening to us. And the situation gets worse."

Does this sound like the ravings of a madman? Seems like a pretty normal reaction to me. I've seen the ravings of a madman, and his name is Joe Biden.

This all sounds kinda familiar, doesn't it?  It's as if we've seen something like this that happened to America when I was a kid. Those younger than me may not have heard about the Cuban Missile Crisis.  That was when Kruschev sent nuclear missiles to its puppet state Cuba to be installed and pointed directly at the United States, which was only 90 miles away.  That would have put enemy missiles virtually on our doorstep.  Happily, President Kennedy actually talked to the Russian Premier, resulting in those missiles being removed. And thus was the crisis avoided.

So why won't our president today reach out to talk to the Russian president so they can get this thing settled?  The answer to that is those in control of Biden actually want us embroiled in a war. We have already inserted ourselves in the middle of a hot war between two countries.  You would think it was now time to sit down with the Russians and negotiate a peace.  But that's not how globalists think. They are called "globalists" because they want the entire globe under their control.

Besides, as anyone with their eyes open can tell you, there's too much money to be made from this crisis to bring it to a halt just yet.  As Jesse Watters put it recently, members from both sides of the political aisle, who were privy to advance intelligence, "knew something that we didn't. They saw what was coming and poured money into the market, buying up defense stocks, energy stocks...So as Ukraine burned to the ground, congress got rich."  Watch here as Watters names just some of those insiders, as well as how much they have gained so far from this disaster:

If there's anything worse than murder, that would be committing murder in order to get gain. And if there is anything worse than committing murder to get gain, it's committing murder to get power and gain. The reason our government wants this situation to fester is because they see great opportunities if they can get the puppet government in Ukraine to finally sign on to NATO.  Then the Deep State will really be sitting pretty, because Ukraine right now is ripe for the picking.  If only they could stir up the American people to want desperately to turn this proxy war into a real war, they're convinced they would be on the way to finally running the whole world. 

But what those in the halls of power don't seem to realize is that if they trigger another world war, America will lose.  We can't win it.  America is no longer a superpower.  Not only are our generals weak and incompetent, but a large percentage of our soldiers have been weakened from the vaccine and all those boosters they were required to take.  Our soldiers simply aren't as strong as Russian soldiers.  Our best and brightest cannot be relied upon in battle because sadly, many of them are no longer our best and brightest. 

Americans need to realize that Vladimir Putin will not back down and allow NATO to threaten him on his own doorstep. If he did he truly would be mad.  And it doesn't look like the US/NATO alliance wants to give up all that power.  So a showdown is coming, and if you thought Ukraine was ripe for destruction, you haven't been paying attention to the moral decline in America.  Much as we may not like to face the reality, America could actually come out the loser here.  The Book of Mormon foretells as much, so why should we be surprised when it finally happens in our lifetimes?

There is more I wanted to present today, but I think I'll save it for next week because this is quite a load for anyone to absorb who has only been getting their news from the Legacy media. If that's you, all I can say is you deserve to know the truth, so keep digging. Be skeptical of everything you hear from the Legacy media, especially accounts pretending to be from Russian soldiers lamenting how they're being forced to kill civilians.  Most of them have already been proven fake, and I'll discuss them next time.

For now I leave you with three videos, all of which I feel are essential viewing, so I hope you'll take the time. The first is just six minutes long and will tell you what you don't know about the war in Ukraine, and especially why you do not want to find yourself on the side of NATO. 

Next is Glenn Greenwald with a complete report on what we know about the biolabs in Ukraine, and how the U.S. is scrambling to do damage control after Victoria Nuland spilled the beans about their existence. This one will take you about an hour, but Glenn Greenwald is always worth the time:

Finally, Ukraine on Fire is a film Oliver Stone produced six years ago following the violent overthrow of Ukraine's government two years previous.  If you don't know the background on Ukraine, this one is essential. You can't possibly understand what's going on today without the information contained here. And if that isn't enough to entice you, two minutes in, where the opening credits roll, you can see a naked lady:

(If you have trouble viewing this film here it is on Bitchute.

Notes & Asides:
If you haven't yet seen my earlier post on this Ukraine business, "They're Trying To Get You To Support Another Phony War,"  it's over there just waiting for you. This is a good introduction to the information shared here, so it would be preferable if you read that one first.

Book of Mormon Perspectives has two excellent essays up in the time it took me to write this one. Check 'em out:

The Greatest Revolutionary of All Time 


Throw Down Their Tower and Scatter Their Watchmen

Also, over at To The Remnant, Adrian and Tausha Larsen have provided a fascinating correction about one of the great myths of Mormonism, the false idea that the Book of Mormon made reference to Christopher Columbus.  It wasn't Columbus that scripture was referring to at all, as should have been apparent to anyone familiar with Columbus' evil life.  If you haven't already guessed this person's identity, you'll find it here. Part One can be found at this link: A Man Among the Gentiles.


Robin Hood said...

Good article Rock.
One correction: The current Ukrainian president was not put into power following a US backed violent coup. His predecessor was. Zelenskyy won an election to become president... and then had his opponent jailed.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Thanks for the correction, Robin Hood. My understanding is that Zelensky has been under enormous pressure to join NATO but the minute he he said he would be willing to negotiate with Putin the U.S. put tremedous pressure on him him to stand firm. He has been sent billions in armaments and now he's in a tough place. He knows he can't withstand the encirclement of the Russians yet the US and the NAZI contingent within the military (which numbers around 80,000) will probably kill him if he negotiates.

I've seen the video where he offered peace to Russia, but he seems to have changed his mind on that and instead began shooting his own citizens who tried to leave rather than be conscripted.

If anyone knows where that video of Zelensky is where he says, "I'm not afraid to negotiate with Putin" I'd be obliged if you would point me in that direction. Maybe it's been deleted from Youtube, I don't know.

Anyhow, thanks for the correction, Robin Hood. The players can get confusing after hours and hours of trying to keep up with this stuff.

Dave P. said...

One thing the US is a master of is starting the war with sanctions, blockades, embargoes, etc. while goading the other side into firing the first shot. That way they can paint them as the “bad guys.”

See: The War for Southern Independence, World War I, World War II, and now Ukraine.

Of course, if the other side doesn’t take the bait, they just run a false flag operation.

See: Pretty much everything else.

PNW_DPer said...

Just came back from weekly shopping at Walmart- they were almost all out of Hazelnut Dark chocolate that's my wife's new favorite TEOTWAWKI comfort food so maybe it really is TEOTWAWKI?

Nothing to do, of course, with the checkout bill being about $100 more than it used to be just a few month ago? Oh, and I checked the camping water jugs recommended by Rock a few years ago for water storage? About twice as much as when Rock was pitching them at the old e-foods blog, and that's before putting any water in to them.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

I haven't looked at those water jug prices in years. I seem to recall they were seven or eight dollars. Dang. I'm going to need some.

I don't think many people are thinking about how badly they're going to need chocolate. I have a couple of very old no. 10 cans of hot chocolate mix; they've been in storage for five years becoming extremely hot then extremely cold, so I don't know how good they'll be. I would reccomend that anyone who can afford it get some decent milk chocolate bars and keep them in your pantry. People don't realize how serious a chocolate addiction can be and most of us are addicted to the stuff. I hope you are able to find the Hazelnut stuff before the collapse, because there's one thing you don't want, it's a wife who can't get her chocolate.

Dave P, right you are. If memory serves, there never would have been a civil war had not the south fell for the trap of firing the first shot. They were in the right, of course, because after declaring independence, Fort Sumter was now a military stronghold on sovereign land. They were given plenty of opportunity to leave, but Lincoln would not let the Union soldiers leave with their armaments because he needed that war.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Every war Americans became involved in since the Revolutionary war were completely avoidable had the people not fallen for the lies.

Have you seen the movie "Oh What a Lovely War," Dave? an excellent study on the success of propaganda and the silliness of the whole enterprise re WWI. It would have been over in no time Had Americans not joined in and made things a lot worse.

Dave P. said...

Haven't seen that one in particular, but it doesn't take a lot of research to show how America's entry into WWI paved the way for the vast majority of atrocities committed worldwide over the course of the 20th century.

PNW_DPer said...

"How many actual Russians have you even encountered in your life?" Actually, several.

Starting with a college professor - a typical liberal college professor with an accent.

A solder in the army who had defected from the Soviet Army in protest to being ordered to invade Czechoslovakia - he told me two stories that stuck in my mind; One, that WW2 era T-34 tanks in tanker school were much more manueverable and fun to drive like a sports car compared to the more modern tanks, and that the Russian girls were just like American girls (except he used Army vocabulary rather than "girls").

The staff of a Soviet exhibition touring the US where they had a slide show featuring the natural beauty of Russia and Siberia and recordings of the Red Army Choir.

My late friend Rosa Gooch, a survivor of the large Nazi Holocaust - of Russians - numbering over 25 million dead, compared to the relatively puny holocaust of Jews of only a claimed 6 million victims. As a young teenager in Southern Russia (next to Ukraine) she was literally carried away into slavery by the Nazis (no wonder Putin has a concern over the Nazis in Ukraine). Her son-in-law was perhaps the best bishop I've ever had in the church in spite of, or perhaps because of, him being a hot-headed loquacious Scotch-Irish. You can watch Rosa tell the amazing story of her life here;

Also others, including a Facebook friend (I met him in real life first) whose hobby is remembering and celebrating the Great Patriotic War (WW2 for the Russians).

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Thanks for the stories -and the link, PNW.

Andrew Teasdale said...

Chocolate. I'm adding that to the supplies. :) Thanks Rock. Can't say that I'm happy about you and Connie missing out on all the fun. I think you should be here to enjoy the show.

Remember how COVID started right as Trump's impeachment ended. Then, Ukraine happened right as the last juice was squeezed out of the COVID. Ukraine is cover for the inflation and the coming food shortages. I tend to think they'll extend it long enough so that everyone believes it's the cause. WwIII? Not yet, I think. First, they need a CBDC (central bank digital currency) so they can really explore what it's like to control a population. Then, they have a far worse pandemic in mind. Then, I think we get the war.

Can't believe you don't want to be here for the fun.

Thanks again Rock. Keep writing.

Sharese said...

Thank you for your dedication to speaking truth. Pretty rare in our times. Sobering info, but important to wake up to. So vital to walk with the Lord, we need to lean on Him and put our trust in Him!!