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This May Herald The Beginning Of The End For The Vaccine Scam

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Perhaps the most nefarious thing LDS Church leaders have done since 1852 was when Russell Nelson, Dallin Oaks, and Henry Eyring issued an official statement urging all latter-day Saints to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, insisting that these vaccines "have been proven to be both safe and effective."

The first problem with that statement is this: the claim that the vaccines have been proven safe and effective was known, even at that time, to be demonstrably false.  These vaccines were given emergency authorization precisely because no studies had been done that remotely established them as either safe or effective.  They had never been tested, therefore never proven. 

The second problem is this: historically, every time the Church hierarchy has issued these statements, they become the official doctrine for the Church.  Members of the Church have been raised to believe that such declarations were given to the president through revelation from God himself, because we have been taught that the voice of the prophet is the voice of God.  Yet we know that God is not a liar.

President Russell Nelson, a former physician who was quite capable of researching the background of the Covid vaccine, would have known the vaccines have never been proven "safe and effective." The idea itself is laughable to anyone who has had even a passing familiarity with the vaccine's development.  Nelson also most certainly knows that the general membership of the Church believes he was ordained to his position as president, and those members also believe -mistakenly, it turns out- that God ordained Russell to be His mouthpiece on the earth. 

Two years and thousands of deaths later, a growing number of people -Mormons included- are coming to realize that the Covid vaccine and its numerous boosters are turning out to have been quite dangerous.  But thanks to a media blackout, not everyone has yet gotten the word.  However, all that is about to change.  The impetus for that change began less than a week ago.

Enter The Charlatan
As you are doubtless aware, a fellow by the name of Dr. Peter Hotez is one of the vaccine establishment's biggest cheerleaders and a tireless crusader against those who would dare question their efficacy. He would like to see every person in the world vaccinated, by force if necessary.  Hotez is constantly on all the major news shows denouncing those who are questioning the safety of Covid vaccine as "dangerous conspiracy theorists."  He positions himself as a selfless crusader for the good of mankind; but as it turns out, he has personally profited off the vaccines to the tune of tens of millions of dollars and is not too happy now that demand for his product has been tapering off. 

Podcaster Joe Rogan has a show that draws in excess of eleven million listeners per episode, a number many times the size of any news program.  Well, not long ago Rogan had Peter Hotez on his show as a guest. Hotez, whose entire reason for being is to convince everyone in the world of the importance of getting vaccinated multiple times, took that opportunity to denounce the people who he claimed were spreading "misinformation" about the vaccine.  This has to stop, Hotez declared.  He insisted the science is settled and all the skeptics are dangerous and must be silenced, if not arrested and imprisoned for their crimes of holding unauthorized opinions. 

So next thing you know, Rogan invites Robert F. Kennedy, Jr on the show and we get a completely different take on the vaccine science.  Kennedy, who is extremely well informed on the subject of vaccines, cited the voluminous evidence proving that Dr. Hotez and his ilk are, to put it kindly, all wet. It is they who are posing a danger to mankind.

Rogan asked Kennedy if anyone has ever debated him on this stuff, and Kennedy replied, "No one will debate me."  You can watch that full three hour interview HERE and believe me, it's worth your time. 

So this is where things started to get interesting.  After JFK, Jr's appearance on the Joe Rogan Show, Peter Hotez publicly complained that Spotify should take Rogan's show off the internet because it was full of lies and misinformation.  So Rogan had an idea.  He tweeted an invitation for Hotez to come back onto his show, this time with RFK, Jr so the two of them could hash it out, and he sweetened the offer with a $100,000 dollar donation to the charity of Hotez's choice.  All Hotez has to do is simply come on the show and debunk Kennedy's allegations. Should be a piece of cake, right, since Kennedy's been doing nothing but spewing misinformation?

Well, for some strange reason Hotez didn't want to take that opportunity. It didn't take long before Elon Musk pledged an additional ton of money for the charity and so did a slew of other podcasters, upping the donation amount to where the offer now stands in the millions of dollars for Hotez to give to any charity of his choice.  (Click Here for the list of who has pledged so far, along with the amounts offered.)

Peter Hotez is connected to more than one children's charity, so you know he could make good use of that money.  But how does Hotez respond to the invitation? Well, he made a series of lame excuses and when he ran out of reasons he started making like Ralph Kramden whenever someone called his bluff:

The world is finally discovering that "Doctor" Peter Hotez is a transparent fraud.  He is quick to call anyone who disagrees with him "misinformation specialists" but, like Dr. Tony Fauci, he seems unable to back up his claims with any scientific evidence. He's clearly afraid to go up against someone who might be armed with actual knowledge.

This Should End It
So why am I saying this controversy may mark the nail in the coffin for the entire vaccine scam? 

Because word is getting out.  This offer made to Peter Hotez is all over the internet, and people are beginnng to wonder: Why is Hotez so obviously afraid to challenge RFK, Jr on the evidence? If Hotez has all the science on his side, he should be in a position to absolutely humiliate Kennedy just by citing the studies, right?  Hotez should be able to easily slam Kennedy and all the other conspiracy theorists and misinformation specialists right into the ground once and for all, shouldn't he?  So why won't Hotez take Rogan up on such a generous offer?

I think Elon Musk said it best: "He's afraid of a public debate because he knows he's wrong."

Everything that happens from this moment on will only serve to awaken the masses to how thouroughly they have been bamboozled regarding vaccine efficacy. 

Now, this is key: this entire controversy could never have gained traction if Twitter was still under its old management, because the discussion would have been nipped in the bud by the censors at the old Twitter the moment Joe Rogan or Robert Kennedy spoke up in response.  You may never have known there even was a dispute about the lack of science concerning Covid.  But now?  Now the story is never going away.  It will only get bigger and bigger until every American with a brain comes to realize that the Covid vaccine and all its variants never were "safe and effective" but are actually demonstrably dangerous.  Everyone, Mormons included, will finally be questioning the status quo, and that will be a good thing.  As the Lord tells us in Luke 12: 2-3, everything that is done in darkness will eventually come to light.  Nothing can be hidden forever; the truth will eventually be revealed.

Peter Hotez and everyone else who spews false allegations willy-nilly seems to have forgotten one thing: people with contrary opinions are no longer being silenced.  You can't just continue to make outrageous claims and not expect someone to challenge you on them; you're going to have to put up or shut up.  And if you shrink and cower like Peter Hotez, the whole world will know about it.

But rather than my trying to explain this entertaining adventure myself, allow me to defer to this episode of The Rubin Report where you can see all the clips you'll need in order to realize that those who claim to speak for science on this issue are complete frauds.  The episode below is 50 minutes with commercials, so if you have to skip the commercials, go ahead, but I implore you: please do not miss this.  It's loads of fun to watch.

Also, if you want to enjoy some laugh-out-loud entertainment, here are traditional liberal comedians Jimmy Dore and Kurt Metsger making fun of Peter Hotez for all the times Hotez kept changing his story:

Well, that's it for now.  Except I guess it's worth noting for those who are not aware: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr is running for President.  Just like his famous father and uncle (for those of you who don't follow the news, that was Robert F. Kennedy and President John F Kennedy, both of whom were assassinated in the '60s), Robert Junior is running as a Democrat.  Wanna guess how frightened the current Democratic establishment is about his candidacy?  Well, seeing as RFK, Jr is a traditional democrat and the current crop are evil illiberal fascists determined to stamp out traditional liberalism, you would be right if you guessed the current crop are really, really scared.  Because they know that the legions of Democratic voters who still embrace traditional liberalism are very likely to favor a Kennedy for president over the doddering old disaster currently being pushed on them as their only choice.

You bet they're frightened: you can see it in the way they are frantically trying to get you to look away.  As you can see from Tucker Carlson's latest commentary, those attempts are not working.  Click Here to see Tucker explain "Why Bobby Kennedy Is Winning."

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Notes and Asides: 
Robert F. Kennedy Jr is legal counsel with Children's Health Defense.  If you would like to see why the Left really fears him, watch the four minute video on the front page of their internet site. 

You can watch the entire 3 hours of the Joe Rogan Podcast with Robert F. Kennedy Jr that started it all HERE  where someone has posted it on Rumble.

"Peter Hotez's War Against Science" (as referred to in the Jimmy Dore/Kurt Metsger discussion above) can be found HERE.  Essential reading for understanding the sociopathic mindset.

Just today (Saturday June 24th) Comedians Rob Schneider and Jimmy Dore discuss all this stuff about RFK and a whole lot more (including what it's like to be traditional liberal comedians who reject today's woke Democratic party).  Click  HERE.  

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