Sunday, May 21, 2023

Restoration Conference


Previously: Zion WILL Come

Right now as I write this (Sunday Morning May 21st, 2023), the Restoration Conference held at Layton, Utah is currently taking place.  These conferences are now being broadcast worldwide and you can join in and watch it at the link below:

If you came in late, you will still be able to access the entire conference (as well as all past conferences) on the Restoration Archives Youtube Channel, available HERE.

I'll be back with content of my own in a few weeks, but while I'm here I also want to mention the latest post at Book of Mormon Perspectives, which has been delving deeply into evidence that LDS Church leaders are working hard at getting the Church into bed with the Globalist New World Order.  It's no wonder the Book of Mormon warns us about how far from God the Church will stray in these last days. 

The particular series I'm referring to is titled "The Beast Is Coming To Utah" and though you'll definitely want to read it from part one, for now I recommend you dive right into the latest, shocking chapter which you can find RIGHT HERE. 

For some lighter fare, I have posted new content on my other blog, Aging Hipster Doofus, where you can sample disparate fribble about TV, movies, comics, and surf music from the '60s.  My latest, added just this morning, is a shoutout to the joy of owning a cheap record player.

That's all for now. See you next time.