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Reigning With Blood And Horror On The Earth


Previously: Normal Isn't Coming Back

Last week in this space I predicted war and famine for America in the near future. Those predictions weren't much of a leap, since our scriptures have warned us these things were coming. The only risk I may have took was presuming the times we are living in now may be the incipient End Times as prophesied in scripture.  And I think the clues are pretty obvious that, yes indeedy, we're in them alright.

Podcaster Steve Turley has a doctorate in theology and is a cogent political analyst as relates to biblical prophecy and current events.  He, too, sees clearly what is coming:
"Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy  is calling for nothing less than World War III, and our feckless, incompetent Republican leadership looks like they're ready to give it to him. I'm not going to beat around the bush in this video: anyone, anyone who supports a so-called "no-fly zone" in Ukraine, enforced by NATO, is calling for World War Three. And hundreds, if not millions of people will be killed because of it."

Please take 10 minutes and watch "Zelensky Calls For World War III":

Zelenskyy is effectively requesting that we commit suicide over Ukraine. And what was America's reaction: Right there in the hallowed halls of congress, virtually every one of our representatives gave a standing ovation to a foreign dictator, then immediately voted to send that dictator 13.6 billion dollar in "aid" because this foreign dictator is at war with another foreign dictator.  And if you think that's weird,  back in Ukraine, the Odessa National Academic Theater Orchestra is giving a concert in support of both peace and for a no-fly zone. As Jimmy Dore and Aaron Mate' observe in the video below, that dichotomic wish would most certainly trigger the next world war.  "So when they say they want a no-fly zone," Dore observes, "what they mean is 'let's start shooting down Russian planes.' That's not a call for peace."

The Devil Is In The Details    
Most Latter-day Saints are familiar with Satan petulantly declaring that if he can't have his way, he will buy up armies and navies and reign with blood and horror on the earth.  It looks like he's now found an even better workaround.  Instead of buying up armies directly, he's persuaded politicians to furnish armaments to armies that might otherwise not be at war with each other.  That's a pretty nifty scheme.

As I touched on last week, the ruling class needs this war to keep going because that will make a lot of them very rich.  Think about how unnecessary all this is: Vladimir Putin has already told Volodymyr Zelenskyy that the Russian armies will leave Ukraine "in a moment" once Zelenskyy gives assurances that Ukraine will agree to the following: declare Ukraine a neutral country, stop the bombing of it's own people in Eastern Ukraine, recognize those people's independence, keep its hands off Crimea, and demilitarize the brutal Ukrainian police state. 

Simple and sensible conditions, wouldn't you say?  So why don't you ever hear any of that mentioned by the politicians who have just tossed another log on the inflation fire with that 16 billion-plus aid package?  What do you think "aid" means, anyway?  Did you think it means food and bandages? No. It means weapons and armaments, the sale of which will make many members of congress much richer than they already are. This has all been documented in several reports, all of which Russell Brand will be happy to direct you to:

Our ruling class has a pretty sweet gig when you think about it. First, they get paid by you and me through our taxes. Then, because they were given advance intelligence that this war was imminent (a war that you and I didn't see coming), they can take a portion of that money we paid them, and use it to buy stocks for themselves with Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed-Martin. 

What...? You thought that "aid" money was going to go straight to Ukraine to alleviate the suffering of the poor, put-upon Ukrainian people?  You are so naïve.  That 16-plus billion will be given directly to Raytheon and Lockheed and a hundred other armaments manufacturers who are making the weapons that will be sent to Ukraine.  Do you think that will result in Putin backing down and leaving, or will he respond in kind? 

The more money given directly to the companies that traffic in blood and horror, the more huge dividends end up in the swelling bank accounts of your senators and representatives.  Since these are the very people voting on how much tax money gets spent on "defense" (wink, wink), the sky's the limit. It's not going to subside anytime soon. 

And yes, there will be lots more money budgeted for those warpig corporations, because if there's anything we know about public servants, it's that they love making millions more on the side than they take home in salary.  Those investments are guaranteed to keep climbing just as long as the ruling class can frighten you into believing that the big bad Russian boogeyman is "a threat to democracy"  everywhere.  It's called getting in on the ground floor.

All it took was a simple vote of congress authorizing the purchase of weapons, and presto! Your freshman congressperson now understands why Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi just can't bring themselves to retire. As George Carlin famously observed, "it's a big club, and you ain't in it."

The last thing your masters in Washington want right now is for Russia to withdraw, which they secretly fear could happen if Zelenskyy is allowed to declare neutrality from NATO.  Meantime, they can feel secure safe in their belief that America itself doesn't have to go to war with Ukraine -at least for now.  They figure America can fight this war by proxy, furnishing weapons to the poor saps wearing the uniforms of the Ukrainian army who will almost surely die holding ground they can never keep as long as they remain obstinately at their posts, convinced American troops will step in and save them at the last minute. 

These poor saps keep seeing all the dopes on American social media declaring "I Stand With Ukraine" and they think those social warrior numbskulls really are one hundred percent behind them.  They have no clue those American keyboard cowboys are only virtue signaling.  The average NPC is no more aware than a Ukrainian citizen is that the higher-ups in the U.S. State Department care nothing for the Ukrainian people.

They care only about expanding the power of NATO and, as they've done before, they intend to crush all Ukrainians who opposes their plan for world domination.

Naturally, there are some members of congress who aren't in on the grift. Quite a few, like congresswoman Maria Salazar, simply don't have a clue about what's going on.  She is emotionally caught up in the belief that the president of Ukraine is a white hat, and the president of Russia is a black hat, that there's a clear demarcation here between the good guys and the bad guys, and therefore is is the duty of all brave American good guys to step across the ocean and crush the baddies with a single blow  Salazar's problem is that she is under the mistaken belief that America is still a superpower. Which it is not. Here is Rep. Salazar defending her position on Tucker Carlson's show last week:

Sadly, Salazar is just as much in the dark as most other Americans. It has not occurred to her that we can't just go over to Ukraine and "fix things."  American exceptionalism is fading; we can no longer just roll up in our tanks and solve the world's problems.  Besides, most other countries don't really like us very much -and that goes for our supposed allies, as well. 

Few world leaders respect us. No one fears us.  Even now Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia, and other Eastern countries have agreed among themselves to stop using the Amercan Petrodollar in their commerce. America's dirty little secret is that the only thing currently propping up our dollar is that it is still the world's currency.  That is not likely to continue as these countries realize they can do quite well with America out of the way, since China is producing more goods than we are, and well, let's face it, we don't really have that much to offer the world anymore. 

America is about to experience a catastrophic financial crash that the average politician didn't even see coming, because our economy depends heavily on the foreign markets.  Who do you suppose, among the nations of the world, will be weeping when the hubristic American Empire finally gets its comeuppance?  I'm betting none of them. The major powers are even now creating a parallel  economy that will function just fine without us. 

All this has been prophesied, of course.  And yet it seems it's only a populist minority who are beginning to see it coming --the elites haven't a clue. They will be the living embodiment of Proverbs 16:18, "Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."

If we get into a nuclear war against Russia. the United States will surely lose, as it has in every overseas excursion it set out on since the Korean war in 1950.  We simply are no longer who we thought we were -or what we used to be, which was a nation whose God is The Lord.  

Remember that most recent war we lost? When was that anyway? A couple of months ago, I think, give or take twenty years.  We were beaten by a bunch of goat-herders who ended up keeping 80 billion dollars worth of our own weapons. That's how thoroughly incompetent our military leaders are.  You think those clowns will be sharp enough to protect us when the bombs are actually landing in our own country?  How about that there Commander-in-Chief I keep hearing about?  Sure am glad he's on the clock.  If we continue to antagonize Russia, this time the stakes will be much higher than the loss of our tanks and missiles.  This will be a war America will lose decisively.  

In case you haven't noticed after seeing how all those other foreign adventures turned out, we no longer have God on our side.  If there is any overriding lesson we should have gleaned from the Book of Mormon, it is that although we have a duty to defend our own land from invasion, meddling in the affairs of other nations will be the very thing that leads to our final destruction. In a revelation given in 1833, the Jesus commanded us to renounce war and proclaim peace, reminding us that the same commandment he had given to all the prophets from Nephi forward, and then going back all the way to Abraham, has never changed. That instruction held then and it still holds today:  
"This is the law that I gave unto mine ancients, that they should not go out unto battle against any nation, kindred, tongue, or people, save I, the Lord, commanded them." (D&C 98: 32-33)
Is World War Three Really About To Be Triggered?
Could be. Who knows?  At the moment it looks like quite a few Americans are tempting fate.  Senator Roger Wicker has come right out in favor of a nuclear strike against Russia, and he does not appear to be alone.  How stupid is that?  If Putin really was the crazy madman we're told he is, wouldn't it be enough to convince him, after hearing a threat like that from a leader in the senate, that maybe he should strike first?  Tulsi Gabbard, one of the few honest Democrats still living, had this to say:
"Anyone who would propose, or even consider, what he is saying as an option must be insane, a sociopath, or a sadist." Watch:

Whether or not idiots like Roger Wicker get their way, all I really know is what the Lord tells us in 3rd Nephi 25, echoing Malachi 4: that there will come a day that will burn like an oven, and all that do wickedly will be burned as stubble.

There is some possible good news in all that, so we don't have to lose hope completely.   Nephi's brother Jacob tells us that "none will He destroy that believe in Him." If you read it carefully, however, you'll learn it doesn't mean everyone who professes to believe will be spared.  You can be completely active in the church, obeying everything your priesthood leaders tell you, and you probably will wind up on the fire. But that's a discussion I'll take up at a future time.

What Does It Mean To Burn As Stubble? 
I used to think it meant God would blast the wicked with some kind of ray from outer space, and all those evil bastards would evaporate in a flash.  I didn't even know what "stubble" was, to tell you the truth; I assumed it was some kind of stubbly material that is highly flammable and consumed in an instant.

Well, it turns out that if you were to "burn as stubble" you probably wouldn't go up in a flash at all.  More likely you would die a long, painful, smoldering death, very much like you would if you were in a city that was bombed out, like that picture in the upper left hand corner of this page.  That is the German City of Dresden following the horrific destruction by over a thousand British and U.S. bombers during World War II. Here is what burning stubble actually looks like, and to me it looks a lot like how a city continues to burn and smolder long after a violent bombing:

The thing that struck me is that stubble is the worthless part of a crop left over after the harvest. In short, stubble is good for nothing, like worthless politicians who will sell out their country for profit and gain. I can see why people like that might deserve a slow, smoldering death. Wouldn't want to be standing next to one of 'em when the bombs fall, I'll tell you that.

But what I also find curious is that nowhere in these statements, either in 3rd Nephi, nor in Malachi, does Jesus seem to be saying He would be the one striking the match that sets these wicked people on fire. He simply says the day will come that will be hot as an oven, and the wicked will burn like stubble.  Righteous Judgement? Absolutely.  But the scriptures teach us that sometimes the Lord doesn't find it necessary to execute the judgment himself.  Sometimes he stands aside and allows things to take their natural course, like when he simply let the baby-killing Lamanites wipe out the baby-killing Nephites in Mormon Chapter four. As the prophet Mormon observed, 
“It is by the wicked that the wicked are punished; for it is the wicked that stir up the hearts of the children of men unto bloodshed.” (Mormon 4:5)
Who is it today that is stirring up the hearts of Americans to the point they have come to hate foreigners they've never even met?  It's likely that most of your friends and family live in complete ignorance about what caused this war between the corrupt government of Ukraine and the corrupt government of Russia.  And yet they can't wait for the extremely corrupt government of the United States to step in and make things better. (Spoiler Alert: The American War Machine has never made things better.) 

Seems Like We've Been Down This Road Before
Prior to April 1917, World War I was at a stalemate in Europe. Trench warfare being what it was, it had become impossible for any army to gain ground over another. At one point the leaders of England, France, and Germany were actually beginning to talk about calling a permanent truce to that European war and just letting everybody go home and make like none of it ever happened.   Then the propaganda machine went into high gear in America and our country stepped in, prolonging the war well past its natural expiration date.  The war became much more brutal and intense than before, with many thousands of young men killed and maimed who would not have been had America not butted into a war that had nothing to do with us. Even today most historians will agree that war was completely unnecessary and accomplished nothing.   

What came to be known as World War II had mostly been a feud between Hitler and Stalin, until Winston Churchill (Himself as cruel and brutal as both Hitler and Stalin) jumped in, then helped persuade members of Franklin Roosevelt's cabinet that America should jump in too and help the Russians. 

And so here we go again.  What legitimate reason could there be for America to have a dog in this fight? The only thing most Americans have heard is that the president of Ukraine is a noble and valiant hero whose people are rallying around him to oppose the Russian horde.  No one has told them that Ukraine has long been a brutal police state that kills and tortures its own people.  The only thing most Americans know about Ukraine is what their wicked politicians and lying media talking heads have told them. Their hearts have indeed been stirred up to hate one side and support the other, to the point where even some Americans are willing to fight and die for what they are finding out -often too late- is just another evil government run by evil, self-serving men. 

"People Need To Stop Coming Here. It's A Trap"
Here is a bone-chilling account from a well-meaning American who went to Ukraine to fight Putin, only to learn the Ukrainians were using American, Canadian, and British volunteers as hapless cannon fodder (Warning: Harsh Language):

This poor chump learned first hand that Americans are being deceived about the nature of this conflict.  This is no simple good-guy/bad-guy situation, and anyone with any sense should avoid any involvement. As Dore reminds us, 
"The establishment Media is one hundred percent propaganda right now.  So if you're getting your news about Ukraine from establishment media, you're being lied to and you don't know what you're talking about.  You think Putin is a madman who is an irrational actor who might start a nuclear war just for kicks.  That's what they have people thinking.  They don't tell anybody about how we got here, about how the United States overthrew the Ukrainian government, how the Ukrainian government kept shelling the Russians who lived in the Eastern part of Ukraine and they wouldn't stop for eight years and killed 14,000 of them, even though they had a peace agreement called the Minsk agreement.  They don't know about the pipeline that Biden and the West wants shut down from Russia directly to Germany.  They don't know about any of this stuff."

And guess what else? The American government's handprints in Ukraine are as bloody as Putin's! 

So What Can We Do?   
First, I would think we should start taking Jesus at His word.  In order to make sure we didn't miss it, Jesus reiterated a specific warning three times. What was that warning? That in our day we, the Gentiles, would be lifted up in pride and filled with lyings, deceits, hypocrisy, murders, abominations, and "all manner of hypocrisy," and that if we failed to repent we would be cut off,  I'm pretty sure He meant for us to take those warnings seriously.

We should therefore be skeptical of anyone in power who attempts to play on our emotions to get us to support the killing of people who have done us no harm.  Latter-day Saints, more than any others, are without excuse, as we have the warnings of God given to us in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants.  We should therefore be watching out for any and all deceptions promoted by those in power, even when it is our own Church leaders who promote such lies, as LDS leaders officially did during the run-up to the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions.  Yes, that's right. Because some young men in America's armed services sought assurances from Church leaders about whether God approved of what they were doing, older men in the Church hierarchy lied to them and told them they were indeed on a mission from God, while not once referencing anything God actually had to say about such questions.

Secondly, I think we should be actively doing what we can to share the truth about the origins of the Ukraine war with everyone we know.  This is the third time I've brought up the subject of the looming crisis at our door (click HERE and HERE for the previous two), and each time I have included plenty of videos that I hope at least some of you are using to help wake up your friends. At the very least I would hope these blog posts would be shared with fellow Mormons.   The threat of war is real now, and it is imminent; we should take that threat seriously and do whatever we can as individuals to try to avert it. That is the charge given all of us by God, and that is what is meant when He warned us in 3rd Nephi to repent.

Once you realize the legacy media has been deceiving you, look for alternative sources that have proven reliable. While it seems everyone at Fox News has reverted to the same warmongering they were cheerleaders to during the Bush/Cheney era, I'm finding Tucker Carlson to be a lone voice promoting reason and caution. Here is a typical attempt by Tucker to buck the warmongers, and boy, is he catching flak for it:

And here's Steve Turley again, this time discussing why all of a sudden Republicans are sounding like Democrats:

Mark Dice assures us, with tongue in cheek, that the woke military leaders will keep us safe:

Salty Cracker does an entertaining job of mocking the warpigs in office, but be forewarned, his language can be very salty.  So hide the kids and watch his videos only while wearing headphones (or maybe earplugs):

Other sources where you'll find fact sorted from error and updated daily are #TheDuran , along with the indefatigable is a forum providing honest articles from a variety of writers on politics and current events, and you can easily flip back to see what you missed on previous days.

 Styxhexenhammer's language is only slightly less salty than Salty Crackers, but his analyses are extremely informative:

What I'm trying to get across here is this: God always sees to it that His people are not left without access to information.  But it's your job to find it and sort the good from the bad. We may not be able to stop the juggernaut of war that seems to be rolling toward us full steam ahead, but what will you say when you stand before the Savior and he asks you why you didn't even try?


Notes & Asides:
The bombing of Dresden, which took place in the second world war, and which I referred to above, was a horrific moment in American history, yet one few Americans even know about, and with good reason. It was nothing to be proud of, and World War II is a war Americans are supposed to be proud of. 

That incident was a shameful moment in our history, and one few historians can justify. Dresden was the cultural center of Germany.  There were museums, music halls, priceless statues and paintings in that city.  There were no military bases, no munitions factories, and no strategic reason for the destruction meted out by 527 American heavy bombers and 772 bombers belonging to Britain's Royal Air Force. In three days of bombings, the city was completely leveled, the entire population, estimated at between 23,000 and 25,00 killed by explosives and incendiary devices.  The city was left a burning, smoldering ruin.

The bombing of this city full of innocent men, women, and children was intended to terrify the German people, and it did just that. Winston Churchill, whose idea it was to bomb a city that held no strategic importance to the war, proudly described the operation as "an act of terror." Historians today rightly believe Churchill should have been tried for war crimes.  Most of the Americans who took part in that bombing are dead now. Years after the war, when these pilots and crewmen learned what it was they had been forced to take part in, they didn't seem to want to talk about it.  

What Will Our Leaders Say?
I fully expect the leadership of the LDS Church to get fully on board with the idea of buying up armies and navies and reigning with blood and horror on the earth, since they have already told us who's side they are on in the great eternal battle for freedom (Spoiler Alert: it's the globalists.)  Book of Mormon Perspectives just posted today about how the corporate Church is already siding with -and donating moeny to- the very institutions David O. McKay, Ezra Taft Benson, and J. Reuben Clark, vigorously preached against from the pulpit.   

UPDATE March 22, 2022:    
For anyone scoffing at the suggestion that the president of Ukraine could possibly be a dictator, here's your evidence. The man is a monster:

UPDATE March 22, 2022:   
Eagle-eyed readers Linda Lopez and Linda Gale put me onto this bombshell interview with Laura Logan, formerly of 60 Minutes. Says Alexandra Bruce, 

"In this short clip from an interview with Donna Fiducia and Doug Neuen of, Lara Logan outlines her brutally honest perspective on why Ukraine is so important to people in power within the DC system.

"She explains that Ukraine is at the center of this cult of Globalists. It is the center of money-laundering for the oligarchs and their allies in the United States, it’s the center of the Russia Hoax and the Fake Impeachment."

Watch the four and a half minute video HERE.



Linda Gale said...

"Many of the Americans who took part in that bombing are mostly dead now. Years after the war, when these pilots and crewmen learned what it was they had been forced to take part in, didn't seem to want to talk about it."

My sister's grandson killed himself a couple of years back. He was the one out of that family that served in the military. A good country boy who saw too much and participated in things his conscience couldn't reconcile. I can't come right out and say that serving in the military was the thing that pushed him over the edge. Sadly I can't refer to the fact that a vet takes his/her life almost every hour of the day and night, but it stares you right in the face.

Too many tragedies, so who is counting the costs of war and military actions? Those on the side of the victors also suffer so much unnecessary anguish. War is hell.

I hope this is coherent -- I've had many interruptions. The main take-away is: don't get involved in killing people. As Polk Co. Sheriff Judd famously said,Just chill out, eat a moonpie, drink a 7Up, stop murdering people.

Connie Waterman said...

That is a great post Rock. It is informative and humbling. I hope that our country will awaken before it is too late and repent.

Sharese said...

Thank you Rock. Loads of great info to look at. :)

Alan Rock Waterman said...

A heartbreaking tale, Linda. And yes, it was quite coherent. As well as far too frequent.

(Loved that quote from Sheriff Judd.)

Linda Gale said...

Over at on the blog there is a video and a reporter named Lara Logan has some real insider information. You might want to check it out. She says that Putin is simply being cautious and that he is not defeated nor is he running out of supplies.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Thanks, Linda. Yes, the myth that Putin is regretting his actions is ridiculous. He has the upper hand, no question about it.

Interested readers can find that here:

PNW_DPer said...

Regarding the cartoon about "the guys who fought in WW2 were cool..."; I am reminded of my uncle, who fought in WW2 in the Philippines campaign to free them from the Japanese, and then participated in the occupation of Japan after their surrender. He was a combat infantryman who survived being blown through the air by a mortar shell, and a true war hero if there ever was one. He came home from the war, served an LDS mission, completed college, got married, raised a wonderful family (my cousins were my best friends growing up), and retired from a successful career as a youth minister (LDS version - released time seminary teacher).

It was only years after both he and his wife (my aunt) passed away that my cousins would post on memorial day and veteran day tributes to their veteran late father that he suffered nightmares every night of his post service life, in spite of all the normal and wonderful things he accomplished throughout his life. Perhaps the thing that made him a true member of the "Greatest Generation" was being able to outwardly live a "normal, successful" life in spite of the demons that haunted him throughout his life.

JR said...

Great Article! Very True!

Ukraine president Zelensky was installed. He was a comedian in his previous life. There is a video of him in only underwear wearing high heels doing a musical number. The USA politicians don't want to win wars because they are greedy and filthy corrupt....they rake in money by keeping wars going for decades. Ukraine is a money laundering country for the USA corrupt politicians of both parties.
Mittens Romney voted for the radical leftist woman for the corrupt supreme court ( can't remember its name...I say its because she can't define "woman" because she is not a she is not a is an it)

The Cretin politicians screamed Trump would start WW 3 and now these same jerks are wanting WW 3.

The USA is falling just as the Roman Empire design by those in
DC.....started after WW 2.
We are in the Last Days.

JR said...

The Conservative Treehouse is another great blog that tells the truth about what is going on in the world.