Sunday, December 6, 2020

What A Great Time To Be Alive!

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I've been hearing lately from friends who are completely demoralized over the current political climate. They tell me they fear the ruling class will succeed in stealing this election. 

Not me. The way I see it, everything is going to turn out just fine. Seriously. This is not a time to be worried about losing to those who are using deception to rule over us. This is the time to enjoy a hearty laugh at their expense. This is a time to be entertained by their clumsy maneuvers. 

Because despite how things may look right now, those who practice iniquity are definitely losing.  And I see that as a reason to rejoice. Because in the end, God tells us, tyranny will fail.

Lies and Deceptions
When Jesus was among the Nephites, he said that in the last days lying and deception would pretty much become the order of the day.  Why do you suppose that was recorded and emphasized three times in the Book of Mormon and twice more in the Doctrine & Covenants?  I suggest it was so that when we finally began to see deception taking place in earnest, as we certainly have this year, we would not be surprised or caught off guard. Why should we panic when we see prophecy fulfilled before our eyes? What that suggests to me is that we're finally here at the cusp, at the very beginning of the end times.

That might seem scary, and yeah, it kind of is.  But with any luck, the worst to come will come a bit later.  Right now we have the chance not only to postpone the inevitable (more about that later), but to actually enjoy the show as we are allowed to watch with amusement while wicked usurpers trip all over each other in their efforts to deceive.

Here's the good part: Although Jesus warned us that lying and deception would be ubiquitous, He also assured us that acts performed in darkness would soon be brought to light. All the coverups will be uncovered and all the lies will be exposed. (Luke 12:2-3) The dark side may have control of all the major sources of information, but it won't be long before everyone will see this election fraud for what it is. The bad guys obviously thought they could get away with this scam forever, but as it turns out, they couldn't even keep it hidden for a week.

They made a fatal error. They overplayed the fraud.  In the past, electoral fraud was kept at a minimum so as to be barely noticeable, but this time they didn't hold back; they employed every conceivable swindle and they did it on a massive scale. They obviously thought they could keep the dam from bursting as long as their media lackeys kept repeating the mantra that "there is no evidence of fraud."

But Americans are a curious breed. Most folks, when they've gone to the trouble of voting, like to know their vote actually counts. So when they heard their votes might have been stolen, or diluted by an ocean of fake votes suddenly showing up after the election was already over, or worse yet, canceled out by votes cast by people who have been dead since the civil war...well, some of these folks thought it might be a good idea to check and see for themselves if there was any substance to those claims. 

If you were to come home and find shattered glass all over your porch from a front window that had been smashed in,  and you notice the front door has obviously been kicked in and is hanging off its hinges, it's possible your home has not been broken into.  On the other hand, this is often what it looks like when a house has been broken into, so after noticing those first clues, your natural desire would be to investigate further to find out if you had been robbed. 

That is how a sensible person would react.  For anyone who has taken even a cursory look at the recent claims of voter fraud in some of our states, it's obvious that something -shall we say- "untoward" took place on November third of this year. So it's natural to want to look further, and for anyone who has spent even a couple of hours looking at the evidence, there is no longer any doubt that this election was a sham.  And a sham on a massive scale.

The only thing not normal about all this is that some Americans refuse to even look. 

Mankind's Greatest Mystery: What Makes People Stupid?
One of the questions that has always puzzled me is this: why are some people so incurious?  I've been curious about virtually everything ever since I was a child; My mother used to tell me how frustrating it was that I refused to be satisfied with an answer I was given just because it came from a grownup.  Merely telling me wasn't good enough. You had to show me the evidence.

So I have had difficulty understanding why some people lack even a modicum of curiosity about the biggest heist that has ever taken place in our lifetimes, being pulled off right before our eyes. Here we are, supposedly in The Age of Information, and some people aren't curious enough to even investigate when they hear that in some states the recent election was deliberately stolen. The evidence is now out in the open, and there are mountains of it. We are one month out from election day and it is now undeniable that this election was fraudulent on a scale that boggles the mind. Sidney Powell was right when she said there is so much evidence that it's coming in like a firehose. 

Yet some people still believe there is no evidence at all.

Joe Biden actually lost this election by millions of votes. That is what the evidence shows us. That is the provable reality. Yet many Americans live in a separate reality of their own making. In this reality, they don't accept the evidence because in their reality the evidence does not exist. Why does it not exist? Because they have not seen it.  Why have they not seen it? Because they believe it does not exist, so they feel no need to look for it.

What they do instead is point at the people who have looked at the evidence and insist they are the ones not living in reality. Why is that? Why is it some people can see truth while others cannot?  Why is it some people simply can't see the obvious when it's staring them in the face?

For the answer to this question, we do what we should always do: look to the science. 

Psychologist Drew Westen headed a study at Emory University to learn how people think when they have aligned themselves with a particular party or politician. Here is an excerpt from a review in Scientific American of Weston's book, The Political Brain:  

During the run-up to the 2004 presidential election, while undergoing an MRI brain scan, 30 men--half self-described as "strong" Republicans and half as "strong" Democrats--were tasked with assessing statements by both George W. Bush and John Kerry in which the candidates clearly contradicted themselves. Not surprisingly, in their assessments Republican subjects were as critical of Kerry as Democratic subjects were of Bush, yet both let their own candidate off the hook.

The neuroimaging results, however, revealed that the part of the brain most associated with reasoning--the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex--was quiescent. Most active were the orbital frontal cortex, which is involved in the processing of emotions; the anterior cingulate, which is associated with conflict resolution; the posterior cingulate, which is concerned with making judgments about moral accountability; and--once subjects had arrived at a conclusion that made them emotionally comfortable--the ventral striatum, which is related to reward and pleasure.

"We did not see any increased activation of the parts of the brain normally engaged during reasoning," Westen is quoted as saying in an Emory University press release. "What we saw instead was a network of emotion circuits lighting up, including circuits hypothesized to be involved in regulating emotion, and circuits known to be involved in resolving conflicts." Interestingly, neural circuits engaged in rewarding selective behaviors were activated. "Essentially, it appears as if partisans twirl the cognitive kaleidoscope until they get the conclusions they want, and then they get massively reinforced for it, with the elimination of negative emotional states and activation of positive ones," Westen said. (emphasis mine.)

I've written before about the dangers of political partisanship.  When you align yourself with a particular party or candidate, you tend to stop thinking rationally.  You become emotional about your choice and will defend your party even when actions your party takes are morally indefensible.  If your side feels it has to resort to lying and cheating in order to win, you are willing to look the other way because you want your party to win. You feel an emotional need to win, so you set aside morality and decide "whatever means necessary" is justified.  If you took the time to analyze "whatever means necessary" in the cold light of logic, you would conclude that position is neither moral, nor rational, nor justified.  But your emotions are ruling you, so who cares about wrong or right?

When you make a rational decision, i.e., a decision arrived at through careful critical thinking, usually that decision will be logical and unbiased. On the other hand, choices made through emotion are by their nature biased. And bias is what makes you stupid. 

Now, I want to make clear that I'm not just attacking Democrats, though in the current controversy it's clearly Democrats who are proving that bias is making them stupid.  In the very first post I wrote on this blog, I chided members for enthusiastically supporting the Republican Bush/Cheney administration in sending the nation to war against Iraq and Afghanistan.  I pointed out that such actions were not only not constitutional (a document which these same Mormons insisted they fully supported), but also specifically prohibited by the Lord in scripture.  Yet I was viciously attacked by fellow Latter-day Saints who accused me of being unpatriotic.  

These people were not thinking rationally. Their emotions were easily manipulated by politicians because they wanted vengeance on somebody for the attacks that took place on 9/11, and, more importantly, since they thought of themselves as conservatives who aligned themselves with the same party as Bush and Cheney, they believed Bush and Cheney were conservatives as well (they were not). These good members could not imagine a scenario where politicians who wore the Republican label were any different from regular people who wore the Republican label. In their minds, they were all on God's side, even though I pointed out through scripture that they were vigorously supporting actions that were antithetical to God's clear commandments.

As I pointed out in my last post, there are still many decent people who identify as "liberals" and align themselves with the Democratic party even though that party formally rejected actual liberalism more than half a decade ago. These otherwise good rank-and-file members of the party continue to support a party that represents everything they would normally oppose. They retain an emotional bias toward the Democratic party and that bias has made them stupid..

You Can't Fix Stupid, But You Should Still Keep Trying 
If you were to take a peek at my Facebook page, you'd find I spend an awful lot of time making fun of dumb politicians.  At the same time, I am resolved to try to be kinder toward the handful of dumb regular people who comment on my threads now and then, the ones who stop by to remind me that no evidence of election fraud has ever been found.  There are three or four regulars who simply refuse to look at the evidence themselves but that doesn't keep them from insisting I'm the guy who's got it wrong. So although these knuckleheads are easy targets, I'm doing my best to try to persuade rather than insult. 

Still, I can't help being astonished at people whose bias causes them to continue to remain deliberately ignorant in the face of the tidal wave of evidence now before us. I've read hundreds of pages of pleadings and watched countless hours of testimony from the hearings in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Michigan.  I watch hours and hours of commentary from legal professionals who understand what's going on. There was such an abundance of information come to light last week that I couldn't keep up with it all. And it keeps on coming in! The dishes and laundry never get done because I'm spending all my time watching those hearings.

So when some dimwit drops by my Facebook page to tell me he knows there is no evidence of fraud because the TV told him so...well, I just have to smile.

This is the other reason the dishes and laundry never get done.

So I'm trying to restrain myself to only mocking politicians. They're the best targets. Yes, it's fun to mock dumb people, but dumb people who also want to make themselves my rulers? Well, making fun of them is why I was put on this earth. 

You wanna know why it's so enjoyable to make fun of stupid politicians? Because we told them they would get caught if they tried this scam and they went ahead with it anyway.  They were so stupid they all but announced ahead of the election that they were going to steal it. They declared their intention to mail out millions of ballots ahead of time to millions of people who didn't request them, and even people in their own party told them that would be illegal and ultimately cost them the election.  Yet they did it anyway.

Then these boneheads cautioned their followers that on election night it might start to look like Trump was winning by a landslide, but that Americans should just wait until all those [shhh! don't tell anybody -"illegal"-] mail-in ballots came in and those ballots would magically show that the real winner was Joe Biden. "Don't worry, we've got this," they told their minions. "It's in the bag."

What incredible nincompoops! They were warned ahead of time that flooding the country with illegal ballots would only result in such a muddied outcome that the courts would have no choice but to discount those dubious votes. But they didn't care. They still thought they could get away with it.  Soon that issue, along with many others, will be going before the Supreme Court, and yes, all those suspicious, unverified votes will be thrown out so they do not dilute the votes of the actual, living voters who registered properly and had somehow managed to outlive Amy Winehouse.

The reality is there are so many fraudulent votes showing up that all of them have yet to be counted. Listen to a portion of this exchange with attorney Sidney Powell:

Powell: "We've got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest and do fraudulent servings. This they [did using] whatever means and manner of fraud you can possibly imagine, and then many you could never imagine."

Reporter: "So how many fraudulent votes do you think Joe Biden had on his side of the slate?"

Powell: "Probably at least ten million."

Reporter: "Ten million fraudulent votes?"

Powell: "Probably. Maybe more."

Reporter: "And how many dead people? How many votes of dead people were cast, do you think?"

Powell: "We're still tracking down that data to see if what we've been provided is real, but if it's correct, it's several million. 

All You Need To Know About The Supreme Court 
Here's the part of this circus I get the biggest kick out of: The left honestly thought that by having the news media decide the winner before the election was even over, it would convince enough Americans their guy had won that they wouldn't have to worry about proving it. They seemed unaware that this controversy would be decided in the real courts and not in the court of public opinion. Yet that's what these dumbbells' put all their money on: trying to convince the public that their guy had already won. They even propped up a doddering, senile old coot in front of a wall bearing a sign that said "Office of the President-Elect." As if that wacky ploy had any chance of clinching the deal.

I've got a couple of news flashes for these morons: first, there is no such thing as an "office of the president-elect," and second, the federal constitution provides the method for choosing the president, and I've read it. The Associated Press isn't mentioned anywhere in there.

Trump's legal team, as well as Sidney Powell who is suing on behalf of a handful of other plaintiffs, are not concerned about what the media thinks. They are deliberately not laying out their evidence for the reporters to go over. (Not that any reporters have shown any interest in the evidence so far anyway.)

They are laying out their cases where it will matter: before the state legislatures, and before the courts.  In spite of the media giddily trumpeting the news that Trump "lost" when a case is rejected by a lower court, what they don't tell you is that's a fully expected part of the process. You can't simply take your case to the Supreme Court. Cases don't get heard before the Supreme Court until they are first rejected by the lower courts.  Trump's goal has always been to get this evidence before the Supreme Court, so every time there is an alleged "loss" before a lower court that doesn't want to get involved with this controversy, that's a win for Trump because each rejection gets the case that much closer to where it needs to go for the big win.

In the early 1990s I was very much into constitutional law;  I used to read supreme court decisions for pleasure, which is how I learned to form a cogent argument.  This was before the internet, so I often had my nose buried deep inside some large heavy tome at the dinner table. (That's also where I learned wives don't like it when you ignore the family at mealtimes.)

In one of those rulings is a statement by Justice Fields which pretty much sums up everything you'll need to know, not only about how the court decides most issues, but particularly how the court will be deciding the issues soon to come before it regarding voter fraud:

An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed. -Norton v. Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425

So TV reporters can pretend all they want that they have the power to pick the next president, and Biden can pretend he holds some non-existent pretend office. But that's all it is: a pretense

The "act" of creating an "office of the president-elect" is as unconstitutional as the act of a governor "certifying" an election. The Constitution does not give Governors any such authority.  They're just pretending they're in charge when they really have no say at all. The Constitution is very clear that the authority to certify belongs to the state legislatures. In some states the authority to certify has been delegated to some bureaucrat such as the Secretary of This-Or-That Over Elections,  but the authority still belongs to the House of Representatives of each individual state, and they can un-delegate it whenever they want to. 

That's why it's laughable when I hear media reports asserting the election is over.  The election hasn't even taken place yet.  In fact, the legislatures of most states have yet to choose their electors, so how can an election where no electors have been chosen to do the electing possibly be said to have already happened?

These people who are trying to fool you are doing so because they think you're stupid. They deserve your laughter and your scorn.  And your online "friends" who try to convince you that you're the dumb one deserve your laughter and scorn as well.

Are you beginning to see how amusing all this is? If there's a group of people dumber than the reporters who thought that "calling" an election was all it took to make it so, that would have to be all those poor saps who actually believe Trump lost the election because the TV told them.  When that feckless army of noodle-armed Antifa pipsqueaks find out they've been conned, that's when they're really going to get irritable. 

Hide the women, here comes one now.

The political left is now in full-on panic mode, tripping all over themselves for fear of the exposure they know is coming.  Oh sure, they continue to insist that everything is fine and there's nothing to see here, but the very act of their doubling down demonstrates their desperation in trying to convince those few starry-eyed followers who are still tuned in that everything is just ducky.

The latest deception they've latched onto was the claim that Bill Barr declared there is no evidence of massive fraud.  They've been plastering that one all over the news to convince people that even Trump's BFF has found nothing worth seeing.

Well, they're misrepresenting what Barr actually said.  A CNN headline reads "William Barr Says There Is No Widespread Fraud In Presidential Election" (he did not say that) while a CNN reporter announced "William Barr has just debunked President Trump's claims of widespread fraud." (He did not say that either.)

This is why you have to be careful where you get your news from. In the first place, Bill Barr has not "debunked" any claims because neither he nor his department has even begun an investigation into the election fraud.  You have to actually investigate a claim before you can debunk it.  Secondly, Barr's actual words were, "To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election." 

He is technically telling the truth. But who is this "we" he refers to?  That would be whatever team in the Department of Justice or the FBI he has looking into election fraud.  Which is actually a way of saying "nobody who works for me has been looking into election fraud so I can honestly say no evidence of it has been placed on my desk."

In other words, Barr was talking like a lawyer, choosing his words carefully so as to not be misunderstood.  He was misunderstood anyway.

Sometimes even a lawyer should add context so there's no confusion that might lead people to believe that the Justice Department had completed an investigation into election fraud and that investigation has come up empty. Harris Falkner of FOX News reported a Senior Official at the FBI saying the bureau has not even opened an investigation on election fraud.

Do I think the Department of Justice should be looking into these claims of election fraud?  Yes I do. And so do many others.  But we have already learned that the DOJ and the FBI are rife with corruption at the top. Would you really trust the deep state players who spent four years trying to frame Trump over the fraudulent and completely debunked Russiagate hoax to properly investigate these elections?  No, you wouldn't. And neither would Bill Barr.

As we all know, the very day after Barr uttered those words, a video was released showing blatant and undeniable fraud taking place in Georgia, and that same week hearings and/or investigations had been held or were still being held in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona.  The only thing you need to know is that Bill Barr was not involved in any of those investigations or hearings, so he was being truthful in saying he was not personally aware of any evidence. Which is also something you would rightly expect to hear from someone who is unaware of what is going on with all these hearings and lawsuits he is not in any way involved in. 

The Left Keeps Moving The Goalposts
At first the mantra coming from the media was "there is no evidence of fraud." Then when they could deny it no longer, they admitted, "there might have been some anomalies, but not enough to make a difference in the final outcome."  Now that the evidence is pouring in and the left is clearly on the defensive, the talking point has become "if Trump wins this election it will only be because the Supreme Court will have stolen it from Biden." 

Here's a newsflash: the Supreme Court will not decide who will be president. That's the leftist narrative's way of hoping uninformed Americans won't understand how the Supreme Court actually works. 

Here is what the court will do: It will narrow its focus to bear on specific questions, which, if I were to venture a guess, might be something like the following:

1.  Was there an opportunity for fraud?
2.  Was there motive for fraud?
3.  Did the Democratic party create or encourage an environment that could result in fraud taking place?
4.  Did fraud occur?

The court may also examine the evidence where states clearly failed to abide by their own election laws and whether states violated the rules of election laid out in the federal Constitution.  If there is a preponderance of evidence proving the law was consistently violated, those ballots that the evidence shows to be fraudulent will be thrown out. They will not count.  That leaves the actual soon-to-be-selected electors with the job of electing the president based on the number of actual, legitimate votes cast. 

There's a bit more to it than that, because there has never been a fraud like this perpetrated on the American people in our nation's entire history. But that's the gist of it. The Supreme court does not make political decisions. It decides the law, and whether the law was followed by those whose job it was to follow the law. It does not pick who is going to be president. 

The reason we see so many decisions not to certify the counts is because the fraud has been so rampant in some precincts that it is impossible to assert with any certainty that they know which votes are legitimate and which are not. If, due to lack of certification, it comes to a point that there are not enough electors to give at least 270 electoral votes to either candidate, the constitution requires that the election be thrown to the 50 state Houses of Representatives to decide.  Each house gets one vote, so with 50 states total, whichever candidate ends up with 26 votes or more wins the presidency. 

Right now 31 state Houses have a Republican majority while only 19 are controlled by Democrats.  You can start to see why the Dems are getting nervous. All Trump will need to win is 26 state houses voting in his favor, and that looks to be a slam dunk because he could potentially win 31.  

You see what I mean when I say the Lord is watching all this with great interest? He is omniscient and therefore anticipated something like this might happen. It was Jesus himself who told us in a revelation that the Constitution was His idea. Yes, men hammered out the wording and put it to paper, but the whole thing was His idea in the first place. "For this purpose," says the Lord, "have I established the Constitution of this land, by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose."

Almost every possible contingency of government is provided for in our divinely inspired Constitution, including the possibility that men with evil designs would one day conspire to try to alter our form of government, just as the Kingmen had tried to do on this very continent over two thousand years ago.

I find it interesting to note that the word "fraud" appears only four times in the Book of Mormon, and each time it was used to describe the attempts by evil men to try to convince the populace to side with them (see Alma 48:7, et al).  That's how we are told the Kingmen got such a foothold among the  populace. The conspirators knew they couldn't win by openly announcing their intention to rule over the people, so they used fraud and deceit to get the sheep to agree to be sheared.

I Was Wrong About Donald Trump
Four years ago I was skeptical about a Donald Trump presidency. At best I was ambivalent about him and I expressed my not-so-flattering opinion here. I don't regret that skepticism because it's proper to be suspicious of anyone seeking public office. Since then I've come to recognize that Trump was nothing like I had assumed. I now believe he is absolutely the right man for the job at this time, and I even believe (and this is something I would never have considered four years ago) that the Lord is using Donald Trump for his own purposes. 

If that sounds like a stretch to you, recall that virtually every person that God has ever called to fill a role has been seriously flawed. As Darris McNeely asked rhetorically, "can God use anyone, small or great, to do his work at any given time on this planet? Indeed he can." Four years ago I heard other Christians suggest that Trump is a modern-day Cyrus, but I rejected that portrayal. Now I believe it to be quite likely.

It's easy to see why so many members of the ruling class despise Donald Trump. He's raining on their parade. He's pinching off their lucrative side deals; he's exposing their ambitious lust for power. Many Deep Staters are certainly aware that if he shines too much light on their criminal activities, some of them could lose all they've worked for and might very well go to prison.  It's no wonder they've been firing everything they've got at him since even before he took office.  The only thing that's keeping Trump at bay is they are protecting each other; they still control the apparatus of power. 

What is more difficult to understand is why so many rank-and-file Democrats feel such hatred for him, since he is not only not a threat to them, he's actually helped make many poor people's lives better, especially poor minorities.  The answer to this conundrum, of course, is propaganda. Too many otherwise sane Democratic voters have been buying into the propaganda.  So much so, that they refuse to notice their own party is running a game on them.

For example, it wasn't so long ago that the typical democratic voter was properly skeptical of Wall Street and Big Business. Today Joe Biden is selecting what he assumes will be his cabinet from among the wealthiest con men in the country, and almost no one on the Democratic side is objecting.  True liberalism has been abandoned and replaced by literal fascism, which has always been properly defined as the merging of government and corporations. When the government is in partnership with the same billionaires who gained their wealth by making sure our country is always at war, the people are no longer in charge. There is very little difference between neoliberals and neocons; both prefer power and gain rather than justice and peace.  Collusion between government and big business has always been the liberal voter's biggest nightmare, yet today virtually no one on the left is speaking out against it other than leftwing comedian Jimmy Dore. (Warning: Naughty language)

I'm tempted to list the hundreds of examples of election fraud revealed thus far, but if I attempted just to list the irregularities, this post would go on forever.  Since many people are learning about this for the first time, I'll list some of my favorite sources at the end of this blog. Still, for those to whom this is news, the mind-boggling evidence shows that voting machines used in most of the swing states were actually intended to rig elections. But that is exactly what expert testimony is revealing. Those machines were actually created for the express purpose of rigging elections at the request of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, and the evidence shows that is what they were programmed to do here in America just last month.

Here's a short summary of a few of  the findings Sidney Powell is presenting to the courts:

If you'd like to see an outline of the president's case, the 23 minute video below summarizes it quite well. This was presented just before the lawsuits were filed, so much more has come out since then. Still, this is a good way to get a handle on the team's strategy and to understand some of the evidence that will be presented to the Supreme Court. So this is a good place to begin if you find all this stuff overwhelming, which is easy to do since there are so many new revelations coming in daily:

It Will Be Fun For Awhile But The laughs Won't last Forever
With the CIA having long ago taken effective control of all major news outlets under the formerly classified Operation Mockingbird, there is very little truth trickling down to the people. Only propaganda.  Or, as Jesus described it, "lies and deceptions." Our media outlets have become propaganda arms of the State, no different than Pravda was for the Soviet Union. 

Never forget that we are in a war. But like the war in heaven, right now it's mostly a war of ideologies, a war where our greatest challenge is to push past the lies so we can help others see the truth. There's not a lot most of us can do other than proclaim the truth at every opportunity, but that's the most important thing we can do: share what we know with everybody we know.   Of course it's also fun to ridicule those who desire to rule over us. Keeping the battle entertaining is what gives us joy, and with any luck (and a lot of repenting), maybe the apocalypse can be postponed a little while longer. I'd love to be here for the second coming. But I'm also not sure I'd be keen on the smell of burnt stubble, so I hope Connie and I get to take the easy way out and die in our sleep before any of that goes down.*
*Fun Fact: Just prior to the Millennium "Burnt Stubble" will be available in the Crayola 64 Pack.

The time will come when things will get real serious. The political class -both on the left and on the right- had gotten a taste for power before Donald Trump came along and harshed their groove. They don't like it at all that their plans have been postponed. The way they see it, they've suffered some temporary setbacks, but they fully intend to come back on top and take full control of our lives. None of them have any intention of relinquishing power back to the people. So although it's entertaining to watch how frustrated and secretly panicked they are right now, if we fail to fully repent and the prophecies come true, eventually they will get control and bring the world down around us.  Make no mistake: no matter what happens there will be a financial collapse. That part is unavoidable.  The only question right now is "how soon?" 

In the meantime, 

Even The Worst Case Scenario May Be The Best Case Scenario
Let's imagine that right now, in the short term, we experience the worst outcome of this election: Joe Biden (or should I say Kamala Harris) takes the white house. It could happen, because in spite of all the evidence of fraud, and even if the Supreme Court rules on the side of right, the legislatures could still chicken out.  Although there are still some representatives with integrity, I fear there are many more who are only politicians, and politicians are subject to bribes, threats, and intimidation. If you don't think bribes, threats, and intimidation are taking place right now over this, you are naïve indeed. 

So suppose enough of them take the coward's way and fold.  Where is God in this scenario?  Why didn't he prevent the worst from taking place?

He's still there.  Maybe he would have acted more decisively if more of us had repented in time.  OR maybe he can see the big picture and a better outcome is in the offing.

No matter who is in office, this economy is going to crash, and crash big.  The trillions that have been borrowed for the recent stimulus packages, along with the trillions more for the recent wars on top of the trillions already borrowed in recent years will result sooner or later in a massive depression followed by a whipsaw hyperinflation unlike anything we've ever experienced. It can't be avoided. You can only hold the beach ball underwater for so long before it comes shooting to the surface.  Add that debt to the completely reckless plans already put forth by Biden/Harris et al, and you're looking at the perfect storm for an incalculable disaster.  Millions will suffer and millions won't make it.  

History shows us that whenever economic hardship has hit America, whoever is president at the time always gets the blame. Depression/Recession presidents get voted out as fast as the people can recall them. If Trump is president when this next depression hits, he'll get blamed for it, so it might be a blessing if he is not the one in the White House at the time.  If Harris is president (forget about Biden, he won't even be in the picture), it will be the same scenario, only with Harris the people who voted for the Biden/Harris ticket will finally wake up and realize they brought this upon themselves and maybe they'll be brought so low they may actually repent and turn back to God. 

Where that leaves the rest of us -besides doing everything we can to prepare against the coming hardships- is to decide how to vote for the right replacements.  Here is how I suggest that be done any time you vote:  

Whether you're considering voting for president or for any other candidate down-ticket, there are just two questions you'll want to ask yourself when considering who gets your vote.  First: "does this person wish to have control over me?"

If the answer is no, the next question should be "will this person stand between me and those who wish to have control over me?"

Get the proper answers to those two questions and with God's help you just might see this through.     


I expect there will be some readers who would like to find out where the truth can be found concerning our current political dilemma, but don't know where to look beyond the mainstream outlets. Even doing a google search will rarely get you anything other than what the tech giants want you to see. 

I had intended to add a list of sources here, but I've been writing this thing all Saturday night and for now I'd like to just get this post up and available.  Since the news about this is changing so fast, what I will probably do throughout the next few days is add to this addendum as I go along, so I hope you'll come back and see what has changed. 

For now if I think I'll just direct you to my Facebook page, where I have placed links to the full hearings as well as plenty of commenters. In the meantime I want to mention Dr. Steve Turley, who has become a good source of daily updates. He is particularly optimistic about the future rise of a populist nation, and I like optimism. Another fun Youtuber is a formerly commited leftist who goes by the name "Salty Cracker," but be forewarned: Salty Cracker is a foul-mouthed son of a bitch.  He's a youngish millennial and clearly doesn't know better, but I like him because no one gives the horselaugh to lefty loonies with as much raw enthusiasm and pure unadulterated joy as he does. I should also warn you about Styxhexenhammer, because although he is the most astute political commentator I know of, he uses the F-word as an adjective almost as much as Mr. Salty does. 

Anyway, if you head over to my Facebook page, and if you can stand to wade through all the clowning around I often do there, you might find some valuable information to help clear out the cobwebs put in your head by the mainstream media. Sometime within the past two weeks I have put links there to all the awesome hearings before the state legislatures, so when you find them you can see and hear those witnesses for yourself. If you're still having problems finding what you want, ask me in the comment section and I'll post some additional links.

Oh, I was just about to finish up here when I came across this delightful bit of optimism in my feed. A nice mixture of fun along with a montage of short clips summarizing the recent wins.  This one is from "The Truth."

Also, I think it's worth mentioning that a fellow blogger pointed out recently that Church President Russell Nelson has inadvertently asked God to bring His wrath down upon all Americans, and especially upon the heads of the Latter-day Saints.  I don't think Nelson meant to ask for that, but it could explain the added difficulties we've been having lately with some of these power-mad governors.  You'll find that post here.

UPDATE December 6, 2020:

Reader Aurelius reminded me of this excellent source where you can find virtually all the evidence. It is set up to provide resources for journalists, but I don't know how many mainstream journalists are taking advantage:

One of the blatant lies being spread is that Trump has filed and lost upwards of 39 lawsuits. In reality there have only been three.
Below: Prosecutor Jenna Ellis Slams Cynthia Johnson at the Michigan Hearing:

Michigan Judge Orders Forensic Examination of 22 Voting Machines. Click Here

UPDATES December 7th, 2020:

Highlights From The Michigan Hearing On Election Fraud

"I Witnessed Fraud All Night Long."

From Britain's Spectator: Reasons Why the 2020 Presidential Election is Deeply Puzzling

Where to Watch Mark Levin's Interview With the Author of the Spectator Piece Above

UPDATES December 8, 2020:

Michigan Attorney Gives Behind-the-Scenes Update on Voting Machine Inspections

Reader "Aurelius" provides this informative link: A Running Compendium of All Fraud Charges


jstcommentary said...


Great post as usual. I disagree with one statement. The greatest fraud in history is not this election. It was the election in Nauvoo in 1844 when the 12 Apostles were named leaders of the church, after eliminating the 3 Smith brothers by assassination and poison.

Keep up the good work.

John Scott Peterson

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Can't argue with that, John Peterson.

And thanks for that link, Arelius. I had just learned about it a couple of days ago and already forgotten about it.

Steak Presedent said...

The left has left the left and gone someplace else. Whatever happened to not submitting to illegitimate authority? Or at least not to anyone not appointed by the people? "Office of the President Elect!?" What is this!?

Arelius said...

Sus said...

I've thought the same things you mention about this being the beginning of the end of times. Only difference? I believe it's actually just the opposite of what you suggest. It's just as plausible, even more so, actually, in my opinion. Either way, we know how it'll end - the truth will win.

Then we'll all know, eh?

Alan Rock Waterman said...

What do you mean when you say you think this is just the opposite, Sus? Are you saying we're at the end of the endtimes? Please clarify.

Aurelius, thanks again for a great link.

Sus said...

My opposite position is that the current POTUS and those who support him are the ones undermining democracy and our constitution.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Okay, Sus, let's hear your argument. In what way is the current presidency undermining democracy?

Unknown said...

You lost me on this one. Appreciate your work over the years. Started me on my search for truth in my religion. But politics from you is disappointing to me. Much love Brother.

Chip Gracey said...

Great write-up, Rock!

Yes, the Dem's made a huge mess of the election. Way too many cooks in the kitchen. They cracked every egg in a community effort to make the world's biggest omelet. Now, the whole thing is spoiling and the residue is all over the place. The longer this goes unresolved, the bigger and smellier the mess gets, which is all positive for Trump.

My understanding is that these Dominion machines began to be used in 2002 (right after 9/11/2001) and they've had the weighted-voting feature in them all this time. So, who knows if ANY of these tyrannical Dem governors were really even elected by the people? Is California really a blue state? Is Newsom really the governor? The people are likely languishing under a regime that they have been consistently voting AGAINST for 18 years. When all this comes to light, people are going to be extremely livid.

And it sure is strange how some people just can't see the truth to save their own lives. I've had the experience of late that they actually can't HEAR or READ the truth. It's like some demon filters their perception so that they perceive NOTHING when truth is presented. No response. No anger or denial, just no registration that any communication was made. It's supernatural.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

I'm sorry I lost you on this one, but apparently that's because you held the mistaken belief that this post is about politics. It decidedly is not.

In my view, "politics" is largely concerned with determining who is going to rule. Sometimes politics is waged as a contest over who will be king over a people. Sometimes, as in America today, it's manifest as a battle of words (largely employing subterfuge) in order to convince the people they would be better off being ruled by one party over another. Either way the result is always the same: the people end up being ruled.

My religion teaches that the people were meant to rule themselves.

Politics is the business of taking sides. You may have noticed here that I despise both prominent political parties in America today and have often advised (in many previous posts) against becoming emotionally aligned with either.

In this blog post I did not take a partisan stance; rather, I examined events occurring in our day through the lens of my religion, which warns repeatedly what will happen to God's people if they turn from him and trust instead in the arm of flesh.

So why, you might ask, have I positive things to say about Donald Trump? The answer is simple: Trump is not a politician.

You may have noticed that Donald Trump, whatever you may think of him (and whatever I may have thought of him in the past) has made dangerous enemies in the higher echelons of both the Republican and the Democratic parties. Long before Trump came on the scene, a rising populace movement had begun to oppose the ruling class. Trump is merely the current figurehead of that movement; he was not the cause of the movement, nor will that movement disappear if he suddenly ceased to be. If anything, Trump is currently riding the wave that was previously led by Ron Paul, but not created by Ron Paul. Ron Paul in his day also caught the current zeitgeist. This has always been a movement of the people who had had enough of political shenanigans.

There are more powerful players in the Republican party who want to see Trump gone than you may be aware of. So this is not a contest between republicans and democrats, but between the establishment class and populists.

Populism is defined as an approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups. The Lord wisely advised his people not to trust in the arm of flesh because invariably even a populist who gains power tends to betray the people's trust. Look at Utah's Senator Mike Lee, propelled to office by the populist Tea Party Movement, who is now just another bought politician. I trust I need say nothing more about Mitt Romney, once the hope of many Mormons, who has shown that his interests side with the ruling class against the interests of the people.

So far, much of what I have seen of Trump is a man who has made enemies in both parties because he has undone much of what both Republican and Democratic officeholders had been in the process of accomplishing, and much of that had not enhanced the people's liberty. But if Trump goes astray, I can tell you that those you might think are Trump "loyalists" are not loyal to Trump at all, but to eternal principles of freedom. They'll drop him like a hot potato if he proves to have gone Ruling Class on them.

Partisan politics is a red herring, a diversion from the reality that, as the prophet declared, "almost ALL men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion."

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Unknown, (Continued)

Perhaps you've noticed that the current battle over election fraud is not being waged on the political field. It is being waged using the law. The law will always win over politics because politics is corrupt while the law stands inviolate. One has either violated the law as written, or one has not; there is no wiggle room.

The eternal battle is not one between Republicans and Democrats -that would merely be politics. The eternal battle is between freedom and tyranny. That is religious. Today the battle between good and evil is largely reflected in the struggle between the people who dwell in the political sphere who would rule the people if given the chance, vs those who don't wish to be ruled. I'm in favor of resisting unrighteous dominion, no matter what party they represent.

Politics will not save us. Only God can, which is why we -all of us- have such a desperate need to repent of our reliance on politics.

OpenMind said...

I don’t think she needs an argument. It’s the starkest reality possible directly in front of our faces.

What is your argument that the sky is blue?

OpenMind said...

I had the exact same feelings

Sus said...

I'm not a debater, so I won't argue with you about it. I know how I feel and why, and the Spirit confirms it to me. I won't change my mind and I'm sure you won't, either. I believe our president would love to instigate a civil war, which would surely suggest the end of times.

This article by Jon Ogden ( reflects how I feel.

As mentioned in the article "In my view, Mr. Trump has few values consistent with LDS beliefs. Instead, he is more closely akin to the evil figure in the Book of Mormon known as Korihor, an opposition figure to Christian ethics who swayed many believers in ancient times. Mormon scripture records that Korihor emphasized that which is visible and tangible, like money, sex and power, not ethics or character.

Trump and his co-religionist, Korihor, think that decent values and morality are psychological abnormalities, products of “derangement” and a “frenzied mind.” (Alma 30:16.) Assuming that there is no God and since religion is a farce, Korihor and his descendant, Mr. Trump, conclude people can live as they please without fear of eternal consequences.

Korihor argued that “ye cannot know of things which ye do not see” (Alma 30:15-18). In other words, there’s no real shame unless one is caught. And when caught, engage in denial. Always. There’s neither crime nor sin, unfairness nor fairness, and no eternal consequence of actions. The powerful ought to “enjoy their rights and privileges,” and “make use of that which is their own” (Alma 30:17) as they take wealth from the masses while paying no taxes.

Korihor is accused of what may be Trump’s greatest sin, being “possessed of a “lying spirit” (Alma 30:42), revealed in 21,000 documented lies from Mr. Trump so far. In contrast to Christian humility and simplicity, Trump values ego and control. In similar fashion, we read in Alma 30:17 of Korihor that “every man fared in this life according to the management of the creature; therefore every man prospered according to his genius, and that every man conquered according to his strength; and whatsoever a man did was no crime.” Sound familiar?

After being caught for his crimes, Korihor is told the devil had power over him (Alma 30:42). In reading these words, I think of Trump’s attacks on women, fellow politicians and our military dead who he described as “losers” and “suckers.”

OpenMind said...

This post, Sus, is so full of the most overwhelmingly obvious truth. How so many, even very very bright people, think the complete opposite of this is so far beyond my understanding that sometimes I think smoke is coming out of my ears trying to wrap my brain around it. Trump is the absolute complete opposite of Jesus Christ in every single way, shape, and form. He is , by definition, anti Christ. He has done more to forward to the work of the Lord’s chief adversary than maybe anyone in the modern age. In only four years, he has the country on the brink of a civil war pitting brother against brother for no reason whatsoever. In my lifetime I’ve never seen any single person be able to cement so much fear, mistrust, and suspicion into the hearts of so many people.

Alan Rock Waterman said...


I can see why you didn't want to argue your assertions, Sus, because you clearly don't know how to form an argument. The chief element of an argument is evidence. What you did was list a whole bunch of already disproven allegations without providing a shred of evidence. Had you defamed my character in the same way you did the president's above you would be facing a defamation suit and been required to provide actual evidence for those allegations.

"I believe our president would love to instigate a civil war"

Okay, so you have a belief. So what actual evidence can you show to back up such a ridiculous belief? What has Trump done or said that would lead a person to believe he has tried to instigate civil war? Has he encouraged insurrection? Has he stood by uncritically while mobs loot and burn cities? Has he SAID or DONE anything that would cause you to believe something so completely absurd?

"In my view, Mr. Trump has few values consistent with LDS beliefs."

Well what a surprise! A great many Americans don't have values consistent with LDS beliefs, especially not Liberal New Yorkers, which Donald Trump has been his entire life. I was just watching an episode of Seinfeld and as a guy raised a Mormon I have very little in common with people who consider casual sex just a regular part of life. Yet I recognize that is the lifestyle of a lot of Americans who were not raised the way I was, so I don't judge them for it.

"[Trump] is more closely akin to the evil figure in the Book of Mormon known as Korihor, an opposition figure to Christian ethics who swayed many believers in ancient times"

Well, that's an interesting conclusion you arrived at right there. You point out that Korihor emphasized money, sex, and power, and I guess that since Trump was a successful hotelier earning lots of money, and probably engaged in premarital sex with the women he dated (like 90% of non-members in this country) he's exactly like the antichrist. I'm pretty sure very few presidents in history could measure up to your high standards, Sus.

"Trump and his co-religionist, Korihor, think that decent values and morality are psychological abnormalities, products of “derangement” and a “frenzied mind.”

So just like that you've assumed Trump and Korihor are co-religionists. Never mind that Korihor denied the existence of God while Trump was raised Presbyterian and has affirmed his faith in God many times. He even named his personal pastor to the White House Office of Public Liason. It would help if you could provide clips where Trump "thinks that decent values and morality are psychological abnormalities, products of derangement and a frenzied mind." You put those words in quotes as if those were things he had actually spoken.

Just for the record, he has not.

You then go on at length to tell us all about Korihor, yet you fail to provide any evidence that would make the comparison of Trump to Korihor at all convincing. 21,000 lies? I've seen that list of "lies" circulating on the internet and it's laughable.

Donald Trump is a scrappy kid from the streets of New York, with a personality very much like those he grew up with. Like his peers, he's often given to wild hyperbole and exaggeration, especially as regards his personal accomplishments. What are you going to do next, factcheck Muhammed Ali for repeatedly boasting "I am the Greatest!"? Are you going to require every street kid telling Yo Mama jokes to back up those exaggerated bits? Or are they liars as well?

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Sus, (Continued)

When God warns that "the liar shall be thrust into hell" he's talking about lies that do actual HARM to people. Can you name any actual lies Donald Trump has told AS PRESIDENT that have resulted in real harm? I can name lies Bush, Clinton, and Obama told the American people that were harmful. If you can't, but can only point to a list of silly meaningless exaggerations on the part of Trump, then your bias is showing. Remember what Dr Weston showed with his research on the Political Brain.

As I wrote in my piece, I don't mean to imply that Trump has not done things he had no authority to do. "Brokering peace" between foreign countries is not in the job description of the man whose job it is to preside over one branch of the federal government. He has signed bills into law that provided 500 billion dollars MORE to the military-industrial complex than they had received the previous year. I see that as counterproductive.

So he is far from perfect. But shortcomings aside, He has done vastly more good than any president has in my lifetime. To give just one example that caused me to take a second look at the man, he was responsible for commuting the sentences of thousands of minorities who were unjustly imprisoned, some for life, and often for minor infractions such as possession. Biden has bragged that he wrote that bill. But that's why Trump got 39 percent of the black vote this time, many of whom had been told he was a racist until they looked into that allegation and found it to be a lie.

You conclude your absurd comparison to Trump with Korihor by saying, "I think of Trump’s attacks on women, fellow politicians and our military dead who he described as “losers” and “suckers.”

What attacks on women? Who are these women he has attacked? Why don't they come forward? Are you referring to his private conversation with Billy Bush where the two of them marveled at the way SOME women reacted to celebrities? Trump was the star of a reality TV show at the time, and was amazed at how some women would throw themselves at him for no other reason than he was famous, and Billy, who had experienced the same type of weird adulation, concurred.

I've seen some women assume from that conversation that Trump went around maniacally grabbing random women by the cat whiskers, yet I have yet to hear of an incident where he has done anything remotely like that. You may recall that when Trump and Bush stepped off that bus they were met by a pretty young liason who escorted them to where they were going. Trump was the consummate gentleman, never once reaching out and trying to grope that woman. So where have YOU seen these attacks take place?

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Sus, (Continued)

As for attacks on politicians, are you so naïve as to suggest other politicians have not attacked him? Or are you referring to sexual attacks? Because I've not seen Trump physically attack any opponent. I've seen Biden threaten to beat him up behind the gym more than once. Maybe in your mind that makes Biden comparable to Korihor too? I think it just makes Biden a braggadocio and a buffoon.

And what's this nonsense about Trump describing our military dead as "losers" and "suckers"? You put those words in quotes, so I gather you can point to some video or written evidence he actually said those words?

It would appear that you haven't been keeping up. You seem to hear something in the ether then you never stick around for the rebuttal. That was reported in the Atlantic Magazine as fact, but immediately everyone who had been with Trump at the time, including his political enemies, asserted he had never said any such thing, but instead had nothing but accolades for the soldiers lying dead in that cemetery. Following the backlash, The Atlantic reporter himself backpedaled from the story. And yet here you are throwing that garbage around as if it were the undisputed truth.

Donald Trump is as flawed as most Americans, no more, no less. But his greatest asset is he is an outsider, and nothing like the politicians who constantly attack him yet continually fail because more than half of America is tired of politicians. They wanted someone different and they sure got "different" when they elected Donald Trump.

Like I said, he ain't perfect, Sus. But if you can't tell the difference between a statesman and the antichrist, no wonder you don't want to argue. You don't know how.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Openmind, (There's a name that doesn't fit if ever I've seen one)

As with Sus above, I would also ask you to provide evidence for your allegations, i.e. you state with complete confidence that:

1. Sus's post is "so full of the most overwhelmingly obvious truth.
(If the truth is so overwhelming and obvious, it should be a cinch for you to provide some of it.)

2. "Trump is the absolute complete opposite of Jesus Christ in every single way, shape, and form.
(This should be easy to prove, since you should know what it's like to be "the absolute opposite" of Jesus Christ.)

3. Trump "is, by definition, Antichrist."
(Remember, you said "be definition," so don't forget to define what an antichrist is and then provide point by point evidence that Trump fits that definition. Also remember, opinions don't count. You must provide factual evidence.

4. "He has done more to forward the work of the Lord’s chief adversary than maybe anyone in the modern age."
(That's a pretty broad allegation and may require a bit of research to prove, Openmind, but I believe you're up to it.)

5. "He has the country on the brink of a civil war pitting brother against brother"
(Please list the precise words and actions that evidence he has put the country on the brink of civil war. Also, please list two of those brothers you mention.)

6. "In my lifetime I’ve never seen any single person be able to cement so much fear, mistrust, and suspicion into the hearts of so many people."
(You must have lived a very short lifetime.)

7. Finally, the fact that other people might believe differently than you is so far beyond your understanding that you can't even wrap your brain around it.
(I won't ask you to prove that one. Seems self-evident.)

OpenMind said...


I responded before but there was an error when I hit post.

Are you and Connie going to be in Nevada in March? We could talk then maybe? As a long time beneficiary of your blog, Ive wanted to meet you for some time already. I was very sad we couldn’t attend the chalice conference and would have loved to meet you guys.

I don’t watch any “news” from any source, so my only evidence for anything I said is only from the answer to the prayer for covenant and new scriptures.

Also, you never provided any evidence for why the sky is blue. Though admittedly that would have been more difficult than the argument you currently are undertaking ;)

-Closed mind

Clair Barrus said...

Alan -- as one of the "handful of dumb regular people who comment" on your Facebook page I'd like to clarify my position. You state that we "stop by to remind [you] that no evidence of election fraud has ever been found." While others may have made those claims, I've been careful to state the *courts* have have found no convincing evidence of *widespread* voter fraud. Those are important distinctions.

There is always some fraud in each election. And evidence of this is easy to come by. But a coordinated effort to throw an entire election is of course, a much greater charge, requiring a much larger, coordinated effort.

Trump and his associates have been opened 60 court cases, promoting various charges about election irregularities, hoping to prove allegations of widespread fraud. How have they fared?

59 -- failed cases
1 -- successful cases (although it was not about voter fraud).

This is important. Our court systems are the ultimate fact checkers. Lawyers are professionally trained. Multiple judges with multiple appeals offer resiliency to the system. Judges have years of experience weighing evidence and making calls on what is actually factual.

Cases that are won have merit. Cases that are rejected, or lost -- obviously do not have enough evidence to stand on their own, particularly when appealed through the system. 59 such cases is very telling.

Some conspiratorially minded people might suggest the judicial branch is in on the supposed massive conspiracy. But consider that of the 59 failed court cases, two were rejected by the supreme court which has three Trump appointees, and is dominated by conservatives. Six other judges who have ruled against, or refused to hear cases are either Trump appointed judges, or were on Trump's shortlist for the Supreme Court. In fact, 10% of Trump's shortlist heard cases and failed to rule in Trump's favor. Not a single one ruled in his favor.

Trump-appointed judges have called the cases "bizarre" and "extraordinary," stating that "calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here."

Another Trump-appointed judge stated, the pro-Trump case "harms the public interest in countless ways . .. I find has no basis in fact or in law."

Over 80 judges were involved in cases. Many other republican judges that were not Trump-appointed were also involved. One simply cannot call the judges failure to rule for Trump's cause part of a conspiracy of liberal activist judges.

And many of these cases were tried multiple times through appeals. The count of 59 lost or rejected cases does not include appeals.

Its best to think about what it means that our countries talented fact checking system (the judicial branch) has rejected in one way, or another, *all* the claims put forth by Trump and his associates regarding massive voter fraud. Even through Trump's claims originally sounded compelling, when put before the courts, the claims simply did not hold up.

OpenMind said...


“One simply cannot call the judges failure to rule for Trump’s cause part of a conspiracy of liberal activist judges”.

I regret to inform you these fanatics absolutely can and they absolutely are. People beloved one day can be inundated with death threats,hated, and labeled traitors the very next day if they don’t side with trumps attempt to destroy this nation. We see new examples of this every single day at this point in the GOP. Never underestimate that ancient spirit that puts fear, mistrust, and suspicion into the heart of men. Eventually, they are convinced beyond persuasion that every single other person is out to get them. Everything is just one big conspiracy theory with them at the center. This late hour before the coming of the Lord is a walk back to the beginning essentially. Prior to His return, we will see the return of that spirit that put it into the heart of Cain, the first murderer, to murder Abel out of fear and suspicion of his brother, even though no such thing was found in the heart of Abel. That spirit is here now on obvious display in the hearts of millions. Logic will not work. Rationality, morality, and impartiality will not work.

Just consider this: Hillary Clinton lost a MUCH closer election only 4 years ago and she conceded basically right away. Yet these minions of trump hate her with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. A person obsessed with power and control does not concede an election for which they won the popular vote. A person obsessed with power and control would fight the least close election in quite some time and stop at nothing to achieve victory by any means necessary. By their fruits ye shall know them indeed.

Where are all these people who voted for Biden the trump army asks? (ar-15’s in hand). This is at the heart of their claim of rigged elections. Answer: They are keeping their heads down to avoid the murderous spirit now animating YOU! It’s self preservation.

I see talks of trump declaring martial law to run re elections in swing states, one of which I live in. Does anyone think the same people who voted for Biden the first time could work up the courage to face down the armed poll campers a second time?!? Probably many could not. I didn’t vote for Biden, but if I had, I would absolutely never set foot in one of those repolling places. I guess the only way I would is if I wore a maga hat to the location while sporadically shouting “stop the steal” in between swigs from my kill liberals mug. But then I’d secretly voted for Biden in the booth. If they do re-elections and they come back with less Biden votes from the first time, they will use that as proof of rigged elections.

It’s like trump repeating ad nauseum at every single rally for weeks before the election telling his supporters to not vote by mail. Then he uses the low % of his mail in support as proof of rigged elections? Trump probably would have won if not for so many mail in ballots. Not because there was widespread fraud, but because like half the Biden supporters would be too afraid to vote in person. Who tf could blame them?!?

Many of these people are “passed feeling” Clair. It’s literally a waste of time to point out anything you have pointed out, though it hurts to say it.

Unknown said...

I read the Epoch Times. This is by far the best source for unbiased news in my opinion.

Kay said...

OpenMind—I disagree with your position that Trump supporters/conservatives/the Right would intimidate Biden voters at the polls. Recent history has demonstrated that the Left are generally the ones who do the intimidating...on the streets, at the polls, in the media.

Clair Barrus said...

Here is how Epoch Times is reviewed by Media Bias/Fact Check (summary):

“Overall, we rate The Epoch Times Right Biased and Questionable based on the publication of pseudoscience and the promotion of propaganda and conspiracy theories as well as numerous failed fact checks.”

OpenMind said...

Recent history on what, OAN? Absolute trash. I physically saw the trump swarm, armed, at polls in my hometown.

Unknown said...

Hey Rock,

Have enjoyed reading your blog for several years now. I have to admit though that this particular post just didn't register. I'm not going to say there was no fraud in this election. Personally, I don't see how anyone can make it possible for 50 states who all run their elections independently of each other to come up with a system that is 100% fraud proof. It certainly is possible for people to take advantage of that, and it no doubt happens to some extent. However, at the same time, some of the fraud allegations floating around out there are just so left field that I can't believe people are putting so much stock in some of the claims. I mean, you put Sydney Powell down as your source of election machine/software fraud. Really? Sydney Powell? Even the Trump legal team dumped her because she was so ... unbelievable. Now the two companies that Sydney dissed are posting fact checks on their own websites, and they're threatening defamation lawsuits against all the people and organizations spreading false information. If all these accusations were true, the so called "true" news sites that are supposedly publishing the truth like Fox News and Newsmax, which said the same thing you're posting on your website, should be pushing to defend and prove this information. However, now that they're being threatened with defamation, they're retracting all the things they said about the voting machines. If this information about fraud in the voting machines/software were true, if there were all this solid evidence to prove it, why are these "true" news organizations not defending this story? What are they scared of with this potential lawsuit if they can prove all these voting fraud allegations?
The real question I'd like all the people screaming and crying about fraud to answer is how do we fix this? How do we fix voting systems and processes across 50 states and DC? Do we force everyone who is out of state to go back to their state of origin to vote in person? Do we force everyone to vote in person even during a pandemic? Do we force the weak, old, sick, etc. to vote in person, or not at all? Do we not allow military personnel overseas to vote because we can't trust their votes?
Do all these people who want zero fraud also want to instigate things like a federal ID card, which can be tracked and used across state lines? Do they want to go as far as getting chips inserted into our foreheads to prove who we are when voting? LOL ... can you imagine all the people already claiming the end is coming if the government were to propose that? How do we solve this? How much proof is enough proof? How much fraud is an acceptable risk to not have to go to the opposite extreme to make 100% sure no fraud happens at all? What rights and privileges would you and I be willing to give up to make sure the government can eliminate all fraud from future elections?
The other thing is your post like many others only focus on the 4-5 "battleground" states that Trump lost. What about other states that Trump won? Was there zero fraud in those states? Florida used voting machines/software from Dominion, and Trump won Florida. Why aren't people screaming fraud for that state. Why do they only care about the states that Trump lost with such intensity?
I dunno. I'm really at a loss. Was there fraud? Most likely (i.e. in both this 2020 election and all prior elections). Was it to the extent that team Trump is claiming? Eh? What do we do to prepare for the next election? Are we really willing to make those changes to eliminate fraud? What will it cost us? Sometimes we get what we ask for, and then we don't like the consequences.
Take care!
Vaughn Jorgensen

OpenMind said...

The answer to the prayer for covenant and Book of Mormon are the only source of accurate and unbiased news in my opinion. Blows epoch times and all the other trash, both left and right, out of the water.

OpenMind said...

They already know how to fix it. Kill all who voted for Biden. They are currently trying to figure out a way to do it without massive repercussions. They are growing closer everyday to simply not caring about repercussions. You’ll know the breaking point when you see it.

OpenMind said...

You still disagree Kay?

What happened to 10 years minimum for anyone damaging a federal building?!? Now it’s ok? Completely unhinged people walking through the capitol buildings they broke into holding confederate flags. What an image. Never thought I’d see this.

Probably not since the Pharisee’s of Christ’s day has such open hypocrisy been on display. Even truly evil Individuals like McConnell and graham are saying this is too much crazy for them. At that point you know things are off the rails if even THOSE dudes are out.

For a long time the justification of evil demonstrated in this post and others was more comical and perplexing than anything else. At this point I think it has stopped being funny.

PNW_DPer said...

Hey Open Mind; the Democrats and Liberals are already very openly talking about arresting and killing all Trump supporters and voters. With their Biden/Harris win they certainly expect to be able to do it, just as soon as they can get the guns away from all those evil "deplorables".

boo said...

My guess is that I am the only person reading this who has actual first hand experience in supervising security at central polling stations in a national election. I was for many years Arizona State ballot security chairman for the Republican Party and was responsible for ensuring on behalf of the Republican Party in the state of Arizona that each cote was counted in the entire state. I previously did something similar in New Jersey.. I can tell you it is very ,very difficult to steal a modern election ,particularly in a state where there is effectively no “machine politics” ie unlike Cook County I’ll. While I did not hold this position in the most recent election I am well acquainted with those who were ,ardent Trump supports all. They are unanimously of the opinion that the official results in this state reflect the actual vote and are deeply troubled that their hero Pres zTrump would argue otherwise . So troubled that they have become concern about the mental state of their former hero. The idea that one party can steal an election in a state that is dominated by the opposing party is ludicrous in the extreme.In Arizona virtually all the officials involved in the ballot process are Republican and generally rabid Trump supports . Do you real think they would steal an election for the opposition. I am a lawyer admitted to practice before the US Supreme Court. I have carefully followed the legal case brought by Ms Powell and will tell you they are without merit. I fully expect her to be disbarred for her outrageous conduct.

boo said...

The greatest threat to the constitution in my view is posed by Donal Trump. He is the greatest threat since Aaron Burr. He is the one who openly encouraged an armed insurrection. He is the one who violently interfered with the democratic process. He is the one who is directly responsible for the deaths of multiple people. He is more reminiscent of a Book of Mormon “kingman” than any politician of our generation. Rock I am shocked and disappointed that you would choose to believe the outrageous lies of the political fringe and become a passive advocate of violence and mayhem in the name of liberty . The people who you apparently agree with politically that stormed the Capital armed with semi automatic rifles ,pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails were no different than the Nazis of the 1940. They are not patriots there are traitors. I would have hoped you would have condemned them rather than implicitly supporting them We are seeing the things that the Book of Mormon warns about but rather than Kiskumens band they identify as MAGA. Please in the name of our sacred liberty disassociate yourself from them and condemn their tactics.

HenrikMetz said...

This once was a blog on mormonism. Now it is engaged in politic debate. Too bad.
Let me join in expressing my gratitude about getting rid of Trump. I wonder how this clown ever made it to be your president, but I never understood very much about American politics anyway. What I did understand that he was a dangerous man, and so are his followers, look what they did to the Capitol, that was a mini civil war. There is more to come, as our founding prophets warned. Do you believe them? You better check your year supply.
All the best and greetings from the Netherlands.

OpenMind said...

Thanks OAN. I’ll re read your post every time I want to play make believe.

Jared Livesey said...

37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:
38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.
39 And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?
40 The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect shall be as his master.
41 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
42 Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother’s eye.
43 For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
44 For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.
45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.

18 But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.
19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness [falsely claiming knowledge], blasphemies [speaking evil of others]:
20 These are the things which defile a man[.]

46 And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?
47 Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them, I will shew you to whom he is like:
48 He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock.
49 But he that heareth, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth; against which the stream did beat vehemently, and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great.

Liberty Ghost said...

Quite a post Rock.

If you want to understand what happened with all those lawsuits Giuliani was presiding over, I recommend reading for an account of what things were like inside the law offices. Sydney Powell, doesn't play a large role in the narrative, but from what is said, it appears she was actually trying to do the right thing. Don't know what happened to her lawsuits though. I think the most compelling argument for me was the mathematician's who argue that when you graph the data it's going in the wrong direction. At this point, I'm not sure if their argument can be found online anymore.

For most of your post you seem quite positive that the Biden victory would be overturned. Obviously, at this point that is not gonna happen. I think there are lots of reasons for that, including the question of whether SCOTUS was derelict. You did acknowledge toward the end that Biden might remain in power, which is the case.

For my part, I put a lot of stock in the prophecy in 2 Esdras 11-12. Prior to the election results, I was supremely confident that Trump was going to be reelected, because my interpretation of the prophecy led me to that conclusion. In the aftermath, I wasn't sure what to think, as it appeared that the prophecy had foundered. A friend convinced me that it was my interpretation that was at fault, not the prophecy itself. The prophecy says that every president after Obama would be a 'short feather', meaning that they would leave office prematurely. Up until this election, the only extant short feathers were JFK and Nixon, so I felt it implied that all short feathers would leave office due to either assassination, impeachment, or some exercise of the 25th amendment. My friend suggested that we were being too narrow; it could also come about by a stolen election.

That's the new working hypothesis. It's a bit ambiguous due to the fact that Trump may be seen to have simply lost the election (if one disagrees with your post), in which case the prophecy seems invalid, or to have had it stolen (supporting your thesis), which means that the prophecy is still in effect.

Assuming the prophecy is still valid, Biden will also be a short feather. This is quite easy to imagine since he has actually said he'd find an excuse to leave office if he and Kamala don't agree on something. It's actually hard to imagine that he would last a full term, with his apparent mental decline, so it appears that it will really depend on how ambitious Kamala is to take his job. My guess is a couple of years, possibly less. If/when this happens, it will be a vindication of the prophecy.

The mathematics are interesting as well, because each iteration seems to fulfill at least two conditions so we have (2x2)^x where x is the number of presidents since Hoover. The odds that the prophecy is right through Obama were 268,435,456:1. If Trump was a short feather, it increases to over a billion to one. If Biden leaves office prematurely it will be over 4 billion and if Kamala and her VP pick go as predicted the prophecy will have overcome odds of 68 billion:1.

Unfortunately, the prophecy doesn't stop there. It tells us that almost immediately after taking office, Harris and her Vice Presidential pick appear to be assassinated, which seems to plunge the country into civil war, followed by an occupation by a cruel foreign power (almost certainly China, probably allied with Russia and the EU).

Of course, eventually things come out all right, just as you say in your post. The Lord acts to save the children of Israel, but only after they've been humbled to the dust as slaves. It appears that the shepherds of Israel - unrighteous church leaders living off their flocks, are the first to go into slavery.

Dale B.

JR said...

Excellent article! Thank You! You understand what is happening!

JR said...

I forgot to add ...I have been reading many many articles/talks by President Ezra Taft Benson regarding the last days. Very sobering.

In my opinion he was the last Prophet who actually prophesied.
I attended an assembly in my area with President Benson. He traveled the USA and other countries to hold assemblies in which he warned us. The church as a whole has not heeded his words. The church has gone totally opposite of what President Benson said.

We need a President Benson today, not a President Nelson.