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Okay, So The Church Has Been Hijacked -- NOW What Do We Do?


Previously: Why Are You Still Calling This Guy A Prophet Of God?

Last month in this space we discussed how Russell Nelson was never appointed by God to preside over the LDS Church. Neither have any current members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles been given keys and authority as prophets, seers, and revelators. None of these men hold any authority from the Lord to govern His Church. This accusation is objectively provable.  

This leaves faithful believers with a problem. For some years now, and especially more recently, astute members of the Church have noticed Church leaders have been changing the doctrines and teaching contrary to the scriptures. But they don't know what to do about it. "I can't just leave the Church" is a commonly heard lamentation.  

That's right, you can't. Not if you're a believer in the doctrines of the restoration as promulgated through the prophet Joseph Smith.  Indeed, you can't leave the church because you are the church  That's what the Lord Himself declares in Doctrine & Covenants 10:68: "Whosoever repenteth and cometh unto me, the same is my church."  That is the only definition of what the church is that you will ever find in the scriptures.

So, what we commonly refer to as "The Church" isn't really the actual church at all. The church is the community of believers. The congregation.  The assembly. The ecclesia. You were never supposed to rely on an organization for instruction, and certainly not for your salvation.  Yeshua the Messiah intended for you to rely on Him and Him alone.  The fallacy you were taught in Primary that you are to "follow the prophet" is pure poppycock, as is the false teaching that "the president of the Church can never lead the Church astray." There is no revelation from God even remotely suggesting such a heresy.  Joseph Smith himself rebuked the members for depending too much on the prophet.   The reason the Lord provided revelations through Joseph Smith was so that we would rely on no man for our salvation and instruction, but on His word as revealed through His appointed prophets.

So, once you've spent your entire life as a member of the corporate institution known as "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" and come to the shocking realization that said organization has been corrupted, what can you do? Simple. You just do what tens of thousands of believing Saints have been doing for the past few years: you embrace the church, but stop aligning yourself with and depending upon "The Church." In other words, you can remain a "Mormon" even while you let go of the institution that falsely claims to be in charge of all the Mormons. 

As many are becoming increasingly aware, the church of Christ is alive and well, and unlike the institutional LDS Church, this church community is thriving. You may not even be aware of us, because we have no leaders, no hierarchy, and no public relations department boasting about rapid growth and dubious financial acquisitions. This church is a movement that was prophesied must take place before the Lord returns, and there exists a book describing it titled Rescuing the Restoration: The Lord Sets His Hand a Second Time. 

So, if you are one of the many who are wondering where you could possibly land once you decide to let go of your false traditions, may I make a suggestion? Why not land with us?  Why not rejoin the Restoration the Lord began through the prophet Joseph Smith? The Restoration isn't dead, though it does seem to have been on life support for awhile waiting for the community of believers to awake and arise. That has finally begun, and the body of Saints is coming back to health. 

This "movement" -for lack of a better word- is already worldwide.   Just this past February a small group of this remnant convened for a conference in Boise for the purpose of reaching out to those who might feel disaffected by the corporate LDS Church.  Seven persons spoke for 30 minutes each, and I hope you'll give them a listen. Here are the videos:

First up is Tausha Larsen with a pertinent ten minutes of introductory comments on how the Restoration has been in grave danger but the Lord is now working anew, setting his hand a second time:

Next comes Tausha's husband Adrian, who reminds us that "it's not a good idea to be dishonest in matters of salvation; it's not a good idea to prop up the organizational structure by putting words in Joseph Smith's mouth 30 or 40 years after his death and claim that he said it." Adrian shows us how there is reason for hope

Whitney Horning is the author of Joseph Smith Revealed: A Faithful Telling, with a brilliant investigation into the question of whether or not our founding prophet practiced plural marriage. (Spoiler Alert: he most certainly did not.)

Doug Atwood lays out the Lord's proper pattern of sending servant prophets:

Aaron Bishop speaks on the massive number of changes in LDS policy and doctrine just since Russell Nelson took over. Needless to say, none of these changes were the result of revelations from God, nor were members of the Church given opportunity to approve of these changes, as required by God's law for the church.

Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier made national news last year after being relieved of duty for exposing how the U.S. Military is openly indoctrinating military personnel in Marxist ideology. In this presentation he tells how he gives speeches all over the country (mostly at non-Mormon events) yet this is the talk he wishes he could give to every one of those audiences. Here is  "The Book of Mormon: An Interpretive Key To Current Events."

"What Christ acquired through his suffering at Gethsemane was knowledge and understanding of everything you have, or will ever go through, or suffer. He understands."  Denver Snuffer concludes this conference by speaking about some of the important things restored through Joseph Smith that today are being ignored by the institutional LDS Church. 

Notes & Asides:

CLICK HERE for the home page of the Rescuing the Restoration Conference where you can read about who we are and what we believe.

CLICK HERE to find all these videos on one page, including a brief Q&A session. 

CLICK HERE for a list of general resources, including where to find a fellowship group near you. (The remnant movement is already worldwide.)

CLICK HERE for a downloadable transcript of Whitney Horning's "Removing the Stain of Polygamy From the Restoration" with footnotes and sources, and CLICK HERE for a list of additional resources on this topic accessible online.

CLICK HERE for a downloadable transcript of Aaron Bishop's talk, "A Closer Look at the Great Day of Change in the LDS Church" with footnotes and sources.

CLICK HERE for a downloadable transcript of Matthew Lohmeier's talk "The Book of Mormon: An Interpretive Key to Current Events" with footnotes and sources. 

CLICK HERE for a transcript of Denver Snuffer's talk, "True Blue Mormon: Independent Faithfulness."

CLICK HERE for a google search listing some of the many news programs and podcasts Matthew Lohmeier appeared on that resulted in his excommunication from government service.

And finally, just a month after this conference was held in Boise, another conference took place in Lexington, Kentucky. The theme was "Hear and Trust the Voice of the Lord in the Storm" an apt topic for the times we live in. A few of the Boise speakers showed up to expound further on what they had presented in Idaho, along with a couple others we did not hear from previously. CLICK HERE to get access to those videos. 

Additional Reading:

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Denver Snuffer said...

Although few people have awakened to what has happened, the Lord has not been idle. The Restoration has been unraveling at an accelerated pace since 2014, and in 2017 a new covenant was offered. At the time of the new covenant the Lord told us: "The earth groans under the wickedness of mankind upon her face, and she longs for peace to come. She withholds the abundance of her bounty because of the offenses of men against me, against one another, and against her. But if righteousness returns and my people prove by their actions, words, and thoughts to yield to my spirit and hearken to my commandments, then will the earth rejoice, for the feet of those who cry peace upon her mountains are beautiful indeed, and I, the Lord, will bring again Zion, and the earth will rejoice.
"In the world, tares are ripening. And so I ask you, What of the wheat? Let your pride, and your envy, and your fears depart from you. I will come to my tabernacle and dwell with my people in Zion, and none will overtake it." T&C 158:63-64
There are those, including myself, who are laboring to fulfill the obligations and reap the promises the Lord has made to us.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Thanks for weighing in, Denver.
I'm encouraged during this time when it seems like the world -and this country in particular- is headed for an unstoppable train wreck; yet in many ways the headlong rush is being slowed and maybe, just maybe, the endtimes may not be immediately upon us. We do have the option of turning things around, and as the Lord -and his creation we live on- see a large enough number of people who are not willing to let it all go to hell, the inevitable destruction COULD possibly be stayed for a little while.

What I'm seeing in the culture now is a growing number of people saying "enough!" and awakening to their awful situation. They have no intention of allowing the downward slide to continue.

Of course, whatever happens, there will still be suffering; too much has been set in motion. In spite of what some evangelicals believe, there won't be a magical rapture rescuing them from the tribulations to come. the Lord's people have never been assured they will not experience suffering. But I have hope that in spite of what some in high places are planning to do to put us under their control, a national repentance is possible, no matter how small the chance seemed just weeks ago. After all, if the wicked city of Ninevah was capable of repenting and staving off the destruction that Jonah was certain would fall upon them, Americans can do the same.

We do live in fascinating times. I'm thinking it might be fun to stick around and see what happens next.

Vaughn said...

Russell Nelson is a daily authorized prophet of God. Just because a revelation is not written and published as a new section in the D&C does not mean that it was not received and is not real.

Every one has the right to receive revelation to confirm or deny the calling of a Prophet, Stake President, Bishop, or any other calling that affects you. Ask the Lord and if you are humble and faithful He will provide you with your own personal revelation confirming President Nelson's divine calling.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Not every revelation has to be published in the D&C, but those revelations that have been published have never been rescinded by the Lord. His law has never changed. Any man who claims to be God's spokesman still has to be appointed to that office.

I suspect you have not read the post I referred to last month, otherwise you would have provided an argument to refute the proof presented therein. Why don't you read that post in its entirety, then write again and let me know how you came to the conclusion that Russell Nelson is, as you put it, an "authorized prophet of God."

I would be interested in hearing your argument how any man can be consistently disobedient to God's law, yet have God appoint him His spokesman anyway. Perhaps you can explain when, specifically, that anointing took place, who else was present, and what words the Lord spoke on that occasion that would indicate to you Nelson had been duly authorized.
Here's that link again in case you have trouble finding it:

Alan Rock Waterman said...

I think you might also benefit by at least watching the videos by Adrian Larsen and Aaron Bishop. I'm pretty sure those two men made an airtight case that Russell Nelson is acting in his own interests and not at the behest of the Savior. Let me know what you think.

Telavian said...

Growing up LDS it was very hard to fathom at first that the LDS Church is essentially a modern-day equivalent of the Israelites. In 3 Nephi 23:1-3 Christ commands us to study Isaiah and says what happened will happen again. It is frankly quite interesting to consider that history is essentially unfolding in reverse now back to a paradisiacal garden of Eden.

We commonly think of the restoration as starting and ending with Joseph Smith. However, if we are honest then the restoration really hasn't even happened yet or at least hasn't fully happened yet. God has so much to give us and we, as a people, are just not really interested. We would rather worship our idols that give us comfort. Like the Israelites we love our acts of religion more than we love the source of the religion.

I am really thankful that there are others who recognize things for what they are and love God more than man.

blogger said...

Tausha, Adrian, Aaron, Whitney, Doug, Matthew, and Denver are all obsessed with Joseph Smith and the Restoration, but not Jesus. Jesus always takes a back seat to everything with these remnant people...just like the church they left. LDS 2.0. It's sad, really. Denver is their new prophet to look to for confirmation of everything. His new book "The Testimony of Jesus: Past, Present, and Promise" does nothing more than place Denver on a timeline with Jesus Christ Himself (and Martin Luther and Joseph Smith...Denver is a perfect narcissist). Its getting gross.

Rock, you ought to read the book "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer. It describes the remnant movement perfectly. I know you don't like what I have to say here, but do yourself a favor. Listen to or read the book. You will find the parallels uncanny.

Telavian said...

I personally am not on the Denver bandwagon however I certainly believe that God is using many groups for his purposes. This also includes the LDS church.

The issue I have is the "one true church" idea which implies God only uses the LDS church.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Blogger, you're dead wrong about those presenters being obsessed with Joseph Smith but not with Jesus. The focus of the conference was how far the LDS Church has wandered from the original teachings of Joseph Smith, which, I shouldn't have to remind you, were DERIVED FROM the teachings of Jesus.

If you need confirmation that Joseph taught only those things that were revealed to him by Jesus and from scripture, you need only pick up a copy of "The Scriptural Teachings of Joseph Smith," which is chock full of footnotes. Did Joseph teach additional truths not found in the bible? Of course he did, but he taught nothing that contradicted the word of God as have subsequent Church leaders. Everything new that was brought forth at the beginning of the Restoration came either from the Book of Mormon or from direct revelation from the mouth of Christ. I know the people you speak of, Blogger, and if you think they are obsessed with Joseph Smith and not with Jesus, I suggest you're looking in the wrong place. Again, I would point out the purpose of the conference was to introduce a course correction BACK TO the teachings of Jesus and away from the false doctrines of the Church.

I read "Under The Banner of Heaven" when it was originally published, and I think you're missing the message. What that book does is show what can happen when people look to the false teachings introduced by Brigham Young et al after Joseph's death. The Lafferty brothers did not commit their crimes because they followed after anything they got from Joseph Smith. They were following Brigham's corrupt teachings, most notably the abominable blood oath doctrine. If that isn't contrary to the teachings of Christ, I don't know what is.

As for Denver Snuffer, I suggest you go back and read or listen to what he teaches. Denver's main message is always to follow no man, but Jesus only. That is what Denver Snuffer teaches, and if you somehow got the idea that Denver wants anyone to look to him, you are clearly unfamiliar with his teachings. You can be better informed if you start here:

Alan Rock Waterman said...

No one should be "on the Denver Snuffer bandwagon" as Denver himself will be the first to tell you. He would agree with you that the "one true church" idea, that God only works through one church, is a false teaching promulgated by the LDS Church. He has spoken extensively to non-Mormon groups on the subject of the Reformation as well as the Restoration, and he is always well received because he rejects that false teaching of the LDS Church that there is "one true Church." In fact, McKay Platt debunked that modern teaching on this very platform:

Here is the first of several of Denver's talks to large Christian audiences:

blogger said...

The thing that's so maddening about the Remnant group is how much like the Liberals they are. You can talk to Liberals and point out how obsessed with their genitals they are and they will flip out and say over and over it's just not so. But we all know it is.

In like manner we can point out that the Remnant is obsessed with Joseph, Denver, and the "Restoration" instead of Jesus Christ ALONE and they will deny it profusely. Point and case - instead of Covenanting directly with Jesus they decided they needed Denver to intercede in their behalf (like Moses...). Sigh.

Here's a timeline of Denver's teachings:

Initially Denver taught:

Go to Jesus yourself. Anyone can!


WAIT! Now I have a covenant that you need to take to avoid destruction and only I offer it and you can only get it through ME.

Oh, and only I have the most correct scriptures on the earth and you really need to have them to be as correct as possible to be able to get closer to God because Jesus really cares about that exactness thing or you can't know Him like I know Him (even though I came to know Him by reading my OLD scriptures, you can't do that ya fool!)

Line up! Covenant time!!! All opposed? Shh, quiet, I'm doing what they do at General conference. Which, we should do that by the way - twice a year. And we should call it that (General Conference). Just like the church. But this isn't a church. I didn't start a church. Because I said I would never do that. I didn't start anything. No one is looking to me. AT ALL! I'm not the keynote speaker to anything and I'm not the only guy who can produce revelations for these scriptures. AT ALL! Not a church. Not a church. Not a church. Not a church. Not a hammer to the head....not a hammer to the head. I prophesied this didn't I?

Oh! And we need to build temple because YOU aren't the temple of God YOU fools! We need an actual structure where HE can come. Buildings are important! God came to me with my old scriptures and He visited me when I was in my own body (which was a temple) but now we need new scriptures and an actual temple and a new name (Call me David).

And the Remnant group, like Rock, and like the liberals - read all this stuff that I say and deny it and justify it and call it crazy and NOT TRUE!!!! Keep drinking the kool aid. Stay distracted. It's easier than leaving the safety of the group and approaching God for yourself.

And "Under the Banner of Heaven" similarities are the groupthink that goes on. That's what I was referencing. The ability for Mormons to get sucked in by someone who says all the right things and starting up new groups, temple funds, Davidic servant obsession, and "recover the remnant" obsession. Under the Banner of Heaven addresses the fact that this has been done a bunch of times before and Denver is just one of many in a long line of men who "got a little authority as they suppose" and then before long - it spawns into something else entirely. It is the plight of Mormon history - we repeat ourselves endlessly and Denver is repeating what has already been done in the past by others.

What I find in the Remnant group is disenchantment with the church (yeah, yeah, we all are) but an obsession with Joseph and the Davidic servant that leaves Jesus just sidelined time and time again. And so keep printing your new scriptures, cause the old weren't good enough eh? Somehow the old were fine for Denver? And build your temple? Even though God says you are the temple. See the contradictions Rock? Humility, please. Don't be like the liberals and deny the logic that is so plainly presented. It just gets maddening after a while. You (and your readers who follow DS) are in an echo chamber and I'm throwing you a lifeline today by pointing out some plain and obvious facts.

Jesus. He's it. He's always the answer and He's the only focus we need.

Unknown said...

What or who gives you hope, blogger? You seem certain that the Remnant movement does not, so why the energy to discredit them? In a universe based on agency, I doubt that God cares about which exact path each of us chooses as long as we're being added upon in this life. Although the gods know all the answers from our point of view, I believe they are content to let us choose as we will. The Lord said his sheep know his voice. If you don't hear the voice of Jesus Christ in the teachings of Denver Snuffer, go your way and be at peace. I doubt either Denver or the Lord will be offended. Ever study Buddhism, Hinduism or Native American traditions? Remarkably profound, beautiful truths await the humble seeker among all religions. Patty

Alan Rock Waterman said...

You didn't watch the talk Denver gave to a group of Christians, did you? (link in my response to Telavian above.)

The fact is, you have created in your mind an image of who Denver Snuffer is that has no relation to reality. Watch at least that video (he has spoken to many groups of non-Mormons and has never set himself up as a leader. He ABHORS the very concept earthly leaders of any stripe.

Yes, in the beginning a few misguided former members of the LDS church looked to him as their leader, but that kind of thing is understandable in people coming out of a tradition that claims there has to be a prophet/leader to lend legitimacy. Denver long ago nipped that nonsense in the bud when he declaimed against the Lord's people looking to a "strongman" to lead them. "I have no respect for anyone who calls himself a Snufferite," he declared more than once. If you are going to denigrate someone, you owe it to yourself to get to know what the target of your ire actually stands for.

Why don't you read Denver's latest book, "The Testimony of Jesus: Past, Present, and Promise." Then come back and tell us all about how the big bad boogeyman Denver Snuffer is diverting people away from a hope in Christ and onto himself instead. Until you make the attempt to become better informed, my friend, no one is going to take you seriously.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Here's the link to that book on Amazon, Blogger:

SmithFamily said...

Has been a few years since I've caught up with one of my favorite insiders and irony-comic-relief-go-tos of the voice of truth and reason concerning all things LDS religion. Thanks again for your efforts, insights, humor, and sheer loving grit.

Reading this, reminded me of something crazy I was given to understand almost 10 years ago! Where has the time gone!

I have had little insight as to what you, Denver, and others are doing as far as an organization is concerned. I'll be frank, my inner voice has told me to stay away from all things religion, maybe that's just for me entirely.

I'll be reading those links, but so far, the voice of the Lord has given me to stay clear of all organized religion whatsoever, and simply wait on the Lord, be strong and of good courage so to speak.

I like to look at Jesus as the example of everything I weigh the actions of others upon, esp. in regards to how he handled the then astray church of Moses of his time.

I used to strain as to the idealogy of needing to be in a church where Christ was the head, until He gentley showed me I am the church, and so is each one of us, a living church, the body itself, the kingdom within me so to speak, and that anything else outside that is either going to be a distraction or the need for others to have an organized, lead by the spirit structure, to help others realize the kingdom within themselves, for anything more or less than that my friends cometh of evil.

For God is a jealous God, and we ought to always trust the love we can feel when we simply hold still (pause our minds) and ask for guidance, no matter the question (which love and stillness we feel in the bosom, LDS inc. erroneously teaches the youth means the church is true, when it's simply us feeling the unchanging love of heaven for holding still and asking anything, be it if a donkey is true, grass is green, elon musk is an alien, or church is true).

SmithFamily said...

Anywho, I could go on and on but my question for you and Denver directly is thus:

In the book, Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (a direct challenge to read the short book if you have not, as it can literally save the lives of youth in your organization), the author points the reader directly to Christ within, no religion or achieving required, by simply showing the insanity of the mind (ego, aka hell), the actual, reality, easy yoke and light burden ways (simple child like exersizes) to become concious and have heaven on every single day, in the present, with the heavens, escaping the literal hell of the mind, and then, once the reader has realized their inner kingdom if you will, such a simple process, even if it be a mustard seed realization, he points the reader to the real message of Jesus.

My question, which is one I ask each bishop wherever I live in (cough cough) happy valley Utah. Are you helping your congregations become concious in Christ? Are you teaching them about the ego and how to dissolve anxiety, depression, cognative dissonence, etc. etc. by simply pointing them to their true essence, the Christ within them, beneath the layers of the mind, which mind is the source of all hell we exeperience?

I don't mean to preach, but hope you will clearly help me see you are really helping the youth understand they are not their thoughts, as this book has literally saved the lives of so many leaving religion, esp. LDS religion (where this is not taught in the least) myself included, however at a more advanced age, as leaving the church is often a journey through even more toxicity (esp. if you join some exmo facebook groups), which if one isn't taught how to separate themselves from the insanity of the ego mind, leads tragically way too many men and women, but mostly men, to a heart braking early exit of this life.

Do you have a program setup to help youth recover, away from the repulsiveness that most feel towards religion after leaving and going through similar exits where family, friends, and culture abandon you, while the mind tries to fit it all in it's place (which is impossible, and a deception in itself). A place and people who can help guide youth to the simplicity, freedom, and healing of Christ's true gospel message, of already being worthy, no interview required, already having the truth within them, and simply teaching them to be still and know God?

Thanks in advance.

the hopeful ancient millenial,


SmithFamily said...

To be clear, as I am rambling a bit, as I care deeply about this... and was lead here for whatever purpose in the Lord, do you have a non-religious approach (Eckhart Tolle's book, Power of Now is just that, and put there by the universe, pure love, or God if you will, for a reason) to help youth recover and dissolve the pains, anxieties, dissonances, emotional negativity, damaged way of negative self talk and thinking (no thanks to LDS upbringings)?

Have you read Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle? Or, do you have a system, program, book, or process to free the youth (and anyone at that, let's not dismiss us adults) from their own hell by pointing them to the freedom of conciousness (Christ's real message I'd aruge) where they live being able to gentley observe their thoughts, rather than be carried by them endlessly?

I guess I'm here yapping, because I sense, just enough, that many of the youth in those videos about your Idaho youth conference have yet to separate themselves from their thoughts, yet to live a life free from the hell of thinking they are their thoughts, which thinking LDS inc. exacerbates rather than relieves and frees them from, as is the message of Christ.

I sensed poweruflly that many of them are unconciously (they dont want to but simply go on pretending) living a new religion so to speak. Give them the freedom from their thoughts, and you've given them the message of Christ in it's fullness, as in that freedom they will discover daily heaven on earth, a complete release from hell (which is of the mind), healing balm, and power within their own kingdom such that it will lift them and humanity to a place wher ethe devil no longer has the ego to cause misery in any indidivuals inner sanctum and kingdom.

Are you teaching your youth that they are always worthy, and God never created anything unworthy?

Are you teaching your youth that they are not their thoughts? If so how? (some great visuals available starting with something like this:

final thought hopefully to tie this all together...

Eckhart Tolle speaks of the last judgement in a way, that I'm very curious to know if you've ever thought of...

Simply put, the last judgement is literally the last time we judge ourselves and others, nothing more or less. The way to get to that last judgement, which is so erroneously misinterpreted by LDS inc and almost all religions, is the death before we die, so to speak, as to the ego mind.

If any of this is beyond you, I submit you ought to read Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. If this is all familiar to you, then I submit you are on the right pathway and saving lives by pointing your youth and congregation to the real message, statutes, judgemetns, and tenants of Christ.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Well, Jared, it's too bad you hadn't watched any of the videos I included in this post, because then you would no we have no organization. We have no youth program, nor any program. We are NOT a bunch of people who broke off from the LDS church and then started a new church based on that false paradigm.

The "movement" (there really is no satisfactory term by which to label us) operates like the early first century Christians, in that we gather INFORMALLY in each others homes as friends every couple of weeks or so. Often we'll take the sacrament together; otherwise we might have sacrament at home (as Connie and I do most Friday nights). It's all very informal.

For a very good idea of what we are up to, watch this video Denver Snuffer gave (one of many) to a group of Christians in Cerritos, California. It's very good:

You misunderstand what the Lord is currently doing if you think he has founded an a hierarchical organization. And Denver is not our leader. We don't have leaders.

I have read Tolle; both the book you mentioned and at least one other, as has Connie. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the many thousands in our movement has. Learning to quiet the mind, as Tolle teaches, is the way to invite the spirit into our lives and bring us closer to Christ. Back when I was a mainstream Mormon I had no idea this was how it's done, nor did I recognize that a man's own ego can often be his worst enemy, and the thing that blocks him from communication with God.

Thanks for writing, Jared. I hope you'll watch those videos for a better understanding. Very few things bug us as much as people thinking we've gone off and started a church! Also read Denver Snuffer's excellent new Book, "The Testimony of Jesus, Past, Present, and Promise."