Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Pure Mormonism" Website Has Ceased To Exist!

The headline above could one day be a reality if the SOPA/PIPA bills pass congress.

Today I am standing in solidarity with thousands of other websites in protest of these nefarious bills that purport to stop online piracy, but that would have the actual affect of giving the government an internet kill switch to shut down anyone's blog or website it wishes at any time, permanently and without warning.  Particularly at risk are sites like this one that advocate for liberty.

As Marc Slavo of has written, what SOPA really represents is an attempt to put the power of information back in the hands of an elite few who are rapidly losing the ability to control what the masses are reading, hearing, and seeing. 

It had been my intention to completely shut down this site in solidarity with Wikipedia and thousands of others who are going dark for the next 24 hours.  Unfortunately, my tiny dinosaur brain couldn't figure out how to take my blog entirely offline, so I'm simply asking readers to take a look here and add your name to the petition. It's as easy as entering your name and zip code: 

Don't be fooled by claims that congress may pull back and withdraw its intention to pass SOPA or that President Obama will not sign it.  Even if the bill is buried for now, the government has no intention of abandoning plans to control what you get to read, see, and hear.  Something similar will surface again under another guise, likely in secret with little public awareness.  

On Thursday this site will return to its regular programming with the next enlightening chapter of "Infallible Authority" with a discussion of what a Zion society is supposed to look like and why we are failing to achieve it.

Meanwhile, remember: Knowledge is power.

It's your freedom. Stay awake.

-Rock Waterman
 January 18th, 2012


Steven Lester said...

I just signed it and shared it on my Facebook page. Should I expect a knock on my door soon? Well, let them, because I am never home!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rock. I signed and posted on my Facebook profile. Your synopsis was spot on and easy to understand.

LJn said...

People who are worried about copyright infringement on the web need to watch this video. People sharing on the web actually increases sales.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Great link, Toni. And true.