Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Movie

On this Memorial Day when many of my fellow Saints are celebrating along with everyone else the defiance of God's law (D&C 98:33), I thought it might be instructive to present this documentary showing how American mothers keep allowing themselves to be conned into sacrificing their own children to Moloch.

Both videos are less than eleven minutes long, and well worth your time.

Part Two:

Then there's this:


Alan Rock Waterman said...


I've just learned that the powerful documentary "Rethinking Afghanistan" has now been completed and is available for viewing at for free.

Take an hour and watch this important film. You have been lied to regarding these wars.

Ask yourself: How many times will God excuse you if you allow yourself or your loved ones to continue to be taken in by blatant propaganda in the guise of patriotism?

Dave P. said...

Memorial Day in a nutshell courtesy of Andrew Blacevich via's blog:

“…politicians promise peace and Congress ponies up the money for war…”,0,2182274.story

Dave P. said...

That's Andrew Bacevich. Curse the lack of an edit button.

Alan Rock Waterman said...

Thanks for posting that, Dave. I don't know how I missed it, as I read religiously.

I hadn't known Bacevich lost a son, but he reminds us of the tragic truth few want to face: every American who gave his or her life in Iraq or Afghanistan has died for nothing.


Tom said...

I was hoping you'd post something for Memorial Day, and you didn't disappoint. :)

I showed up to church late this past Sunday, but the prayers that were uttered and the songs that were sung literally brought a tear to my eye...and it wasn't a tear of gratitude, but rather sadness. Sadness that so many out there laud our attempts to establish "democracy throughout the world," that we're so blessed to have our freedom thanks to the wars of aggression that we're fighting in other lands as we try to rid the world of terror by imposing our own terror, and that God condones this fighting as a necessity in this world, on and on and on.

It really was and is saddening.

Gaybob Spongebath said...

Don't you ingrates realize that you owe your very freedoms to those Mormons in the Air Force sitting comfortably in the Nevada desert piloting those remote control drones that fire missiles into Pakistani weddings and funeral processions killing them raghead civilians?

If it wasn't for heroes like them, the rest of you wouldn't have the freedom to speak against the war!

Don't ask me exactly how that works. Some kinda magic I guess, but all I know is it has something to do with freedom and liberty and whatnot.

Yay Our team! Go USA!

Isaac said...

I guess it depends on how you define "nothing," but as far as I can tell, all of the deaths—military and civilian—have had a purpose. The poppy fields are blooming again, so that means the drug money is coming in again (I'm looking at you, Bush family). One more piece of the oil pipeline puzzle is closer to being in place. And of course, plenty of military contractors are building missiles, bombs, predator drones, depleted uranium ammo, vehicles, etc, so that means there are plenty of cush jobs over here for us. Thanks military0industrial complex! Thanks Uncle Sam! And just think, all it takes is a little blood. My brother, your son, a stranger, maybe even you, but it's worth it, right?

Stephen said...

Glad you were able to drop by my blog, Win told me to expect you.

You might like this post from the group blog I'm a part of (another poster put it up):

Rock Waterman said...

Thanks, Stephen. That was a good piece. Mormon Matters always has great reading; I don't get over there often enough.

Unknown said...

I was reading this post by using Internet Explorer and the two video's were not on display. Then I tried the Opera browser. That worked.
We as Europeans are now confronted daily with the results of these wars; today I read on the news that in the month of september(2015) 172.000 refugees made it from the Middle East to the European continent. That is in one month, imagine.
I like this blog because it connects religion with politics; that is the right approach.